Bear (20210519-01)

Bear (20210519-01)
From: Georgia
I admit I grew up on the rougher part of town. Ma and Pa worked hard and played harder, so good manners and “boundaries” weren’t words that were used too often in our house. I’m tryin’ to make up for lost time though and tryin’ my hardest to be a gentleman. I’ll never be one of those goody two-shoes guys who hate to get their paws in the mud. Nope, I’m always the guy that’s up for a hike or a game of ball!
So about this manner-stuff! Believe me, I’m a good boy and sometimes I just can’t get close enough to my people…which is doggy speak for saying that I occasionally jump up on my person…or I will try to dominate another dog by riding him or her, but I take correction very easily and am ever so anxious to please and make a good impression. My Georgia peeps whispered that a training class would really help!
My name is Bear, I’m a 2- year old Boxer cross and weigh 60 lb.
Name: Bear
Weight: 60 lbs
Age: 2 years
Gender: Male
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Breed: Boxer / Mastiff mix
Colour: tan & blackNeck size (for collar)::Large

Good with women: Yes
Good with men: Yes
Good with kids: unknown
Good with other dogs: Yes but tries to Ride them. No Small dogs
Good with cats: Doubtful
House trained: No
Crate trained: No
Energy level: Medium to high
Can be handled/touched: Yes
Barker: Somewhat
Flight risk: No
Food aggressive: With other dogs
Current food: Retriever Mini Bites
Walks on leash: Pulls
Leash reactive to people or dogs: N/A
Rides well in car: Yes
Destructive: Likes to Chew
Needs a home with a yard: Yes
Needs a home with another dog: No, but would be ok with another large dog
Can live in an apartment: No

Bear is a big Luvbug that needs a few manners, He loves to be close to his people and that does mean he occasionally jumps up on his person. He likes to run and play. He will try to dominate another dog by riding him or her but takes correction easily. Bear is ready for his new home.