Boi (20210515-01)

Boi (20210515-01)
From North Carolina
Name: Boi (20210515-01)
Weight: 52 lbs
Age: 1 year (DOB 6/17/2020)
Gender: Male
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Breed: terrier mix
Color: White/Brown mix

Crate Size: Large and crate should be sturdy and reinforced w carabiners

Good with Women: yes but shy
Good with Men: yes but shy
Good with kids: yes but shy
Good with other dogs: yes
Good with Cats: yes
House Trained: Has had a few accidents at foster but working on them. Was housebroken in his old home
Crate Trained: shy about it but still working on it. If you throw a treat in he will go in
Energy Level: medium
Can be handled/touched: shy but working on socialization with new people
Barker: No
Flight Risk: Due to shyness when getting to know new people, yes possibly
Food Aggressive: no
Current Food: Purina pro Plan for large dogs
Walks on leash: yes
Leash reaction to other dogs or people: Curious
Rides well in a car: Yes
Destructive: No
Needs a home with a yard: Not necessarily but would enjoy it
Need home with a other dog: Yes, another dog may help his confidence and anxiety
Can live in an apartment: no

Foster comments:
-extremely intelligent and quick learner. He loves his training treats. After 3 repetitions correct repetitions of a command he is able to complete them reliably in the home. Knows sit, down, touch, leave it, stay (short distance), place, crate

-loves Nylo bones, balls, doesn’t really like other toys too much yet

-he has absolutely zero resource guarding from myself or other dogs, and is very gentle when taking treat rewards

-always looks to his leader for direction and is easily corrected with a gentle “ah ah”

-loves other dogs and has wonderful “puppy manners”. Takes cues from the varying dog personalities and is respectful and/or playful, depending on the dog. Has shared dog beds and bones happily

-playful puppy bursts of energy, but also has an “off” switch and can rest calmly and peacefully

-crate trained. Will bring his special treats/chew toys into his crate to enjoy. He spends rotating hours in and out of his kitchen enclosure, throughout the day, and is comfortable and used to this. He rests and watches what is going on in the house

-house broken, though hasn’t quite mastered the art of notification, so noticing his subtle cues has helped him be successful

-waits patiently while he gets his feet wiped every time he returns into the house

-loves his daily/every other day grooming/brushing

-no issues with his leader touching his paws, his mouth/teeth, cleaning his ears, nails being clipped

-walks well on a leash when walked at undistracted times, ex early morning or when driven to a quiet countryside

-chases and barks at the household cat, but has never shown signs of aggression. Wants to play with the cat, but doesn’t understand that his size and boisterousness is a bit much for a cat

-happy and confident within his home, will alert bark when someone at the door, but will not continuing barking once I say “thank you for letting me know!” and see who is at the door.

-in the home is very reserved and wary of meeting a new person. Direction needs to be given to the incomer, to advocate on his behalf, that he should be not paid too much attention initially and allowed to come over on his own time. Offering treats, without sudden movements, helps him to trust and be confident. He is comfortable after a few minutes of normal interaction with guest and I. He has not met children, while in my home. He does not enjoy to be touched by other people and will startle if they reach for him. Occasionally, once warmed up, he will take chin scratches and sometimes give his belly for a rub from them

-from his leader, he loves his wakeup and pre-bedtime cuddles, and enjoys to be loved on at all times, if he could

-outside of the home he is fearful and startled by unknown people, especially children’s voices/laughter. Startled by bicycles and strangers. Never lunges or barks, but either hides behind me or tries to run -flight risk. Keeping a distance from known triggers and avoiding them as much as possible, is helpful. I live in a quiet suburban subdivision.

-he doesn’t have issues with vacuum cleaner, loud noises like buses/power tools/lawn mowers

-he rides well in my vehicle, is secured via a harness and seatbelt attachment. He settles and naps, occasionally looks around. Does not enjoy the windows being open

-as mentioned before, he does have severe separation anxiety, with me. He can be settled and not panicked when left with another known adult, but will not interact with them and will periodically pace to the door and back, until I return

-he is such a smart boy and can definitely overcome his fear and anxieties with time, patience, and appropriate behavioural therapy program, for him to do so safely and comfortably. He would do amazingly in a home with at least one other dog, to show him the ropes and help with his confidence, and/or in a house where someone is home most of the time. I don’t imagine apartment living would be good for him due to his discomfort with unknown people.