Bonnie Best (20210821-12)

Bonnie Best (20210821-12)
From: Kentucky
My name is Bonnie Best and my granny used to say I was the penny in the diamond mine! She was probably right…mama tried her best with me but I was always more the social butterfly than the studious type! But now, I’m ready to leave all that silliness behind me. I’m looking forward to buckling down and excelling at doggy classes and hopefully you might even put me in agility. (Not to boast, but like the rest of my family, I’m super smart.)
Now a lot of people think us hounds are lazy devils, but I can assure you that we are nothing of the sort! We’re some of the nicest family dogs out there and although right now, I have a lot of puppy energy, I can assure you that it won’t be long before I settle into the dog of your dreams.

Name: Bonnie Best (20210821-12)
Weight: 40 lbs
Age: 9 months
Gender: Female
Breed: Coonhound mix
Color: White and Red

Good With Adults: Yes
Good With Kids: Yes
Good With Other Dogs: Yes
Good With Cats: No
Crate Trained: Yes
Housebroken: Unknown
Energy Level: Medium/High
Can be handled/touched: Yes
Barker: No
Escape Artist: No
Food Aggressive: No
Walks on Leash: Yes
Fine in an apartment IF exercised: Yes

Backstory: Stray