From: Texas
Name: Bruno
Weight: 56 lbs
Age: 1 and 1/2 years
Gender: male
Breed: lab mix
Color: black/white

Good with adults: yes but needs slow introductions
Good with kids: older kids only
Good with other dogs: yes
Good with cats: likely not. Has displayed prey drive towards squirrels, rabbits and other small animals outdoors.
House trained: yes
Crate Trained: yes, please throw a treat in there and I’ll go in
Energy level: low energy. Loves to just relax, hang out or cuddle all day. Where his bed is, he is. Enjoys hanging out both inside and in the back yard.
Can be handled/touched: yes
Barker: Sometimes. For example I will bark to tell you I want to come back
Flight Risk: mild
Food aggressive: not with people. Unknown with other dogs.
Walks on leash: yes but pulls a bit and he is quite strong. Currently using a front clip harness and foster has seen huge improvement in walking and handling.
Rides in car: yes and I’m a good boy in the car
Destructive: I’m a good boy in the house but I sometimes confuse shoes
with toys.
Needs a home with yard: yes
Needs another dog: not necessarily
Can live in an apartment: no

Well hey there, I’m Bruno and I’m all the way from Mexico ☀
So about me: I’m a fun-loving boy! I enjoy hanging out with humans and
other dogs. My hobbies include playing with toys, sunbathing on my back,
and snuggling. I walk a little funny because of an old injury…the vet said I
must have gotten hit by something called a “car”. But I got surgery for it so
I’m all good now! I can still run around and have a good time though!

I had something called ehrlichia but it was treated with antibiotics and all fixed now. When I arrived in Texas from
Mexico, I had a limp and had to have surgery, called FHO surgery for injury
to my hip area. An orthopedic surgeon performed my surgery and I have
been healing with my foster family. I got the okay from the surgeon to be
adopted now.

Foster comments: Bruno needs to be with a family who are experienced adopters, who promise to work with him to over come his nervousness with new outdoor surroundings. Bruno has displayed some anxiety in new outdoor settings and leash reactivity as a result, and will need an experienced handler who can work with him on this. A home in a suburban or rural area, with a backyard, will be best.

His foster has said how amazing Bruno is to have around. He’s a very loving, gentle, affectionate, low energy dog. He loves to just hang out with the family. He’s a very quick learner and is food motivated, and knows basic commands (sit, stay, drop it, waits for food, etc). He stays off the furniture when asked, but loves being invited to cuddle on the couch. His foster mentioned he still favours his back leg when he stands, there is still low muscle tone, but when he walks, runs, climbs stairs you wouldn’t know this was an issue.