From: South Carolina
Coco needs someone with experience with the high drive of a working dog. He is super smart with lots of natural handler engagement. Coco is very strong and athletic so combined with how smart he is he will do extremely well with someone who enjoys working with his intensity level.
I don’t believe he has very much endurance as of this time due to heartworm status, so adoptor would also need to be knowledgeable about safely building that up.
Coco would do well with someone who is active or could put him to work using his athleticism, smarts, and work drive, once he is over his rest period required by heartworm treatment.
Coco can be aloof at first and take time to build a relationship and show affection. Once he trusts, he is yours forever.
I have deeply enjoyed my time fostering Coco as he is Such A Good Dog. I cannot stress this enough. He’s got a super engaging personality that is fun, joyful, and so very happy. He loves being in the house following me around and just hanging out. He stays very close to my side in the backyard and in the house. He is the best and very very responsive to training.
Name: Coco
Weight: 60 pounds
Age: 3
Gender: Male
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Medical issues: Recovering from having heartworm, use caution with exercise or building stamina.
Breed: Shepard/Mix
Colour: Dark Brindle
Neck size (for collar): 18inches
Height (from top of head):28 inches
Length (from nose to base of tail): 35 inches
Crate size recommended: 23 inches x 36 inches
Good with women:Yes
Good with men: Yes
Good with kids:Unknown, due to high intensity and high drive I would use caution with toddler size children.
Good with other dogs:Yes, affectionate and does well with dogs he is familiar with, needs slow introduction and may be selective with high energy in your face dogs or unneutered male dogs.
Good with cats: prey drive, probably not. I feel after he’s working and has a focus, this can be worked with.
House trained:Yes.
Crate trained:Yes. Likes his crate covered on all sides except front. Very cavelike. Will go into crate on his own and likes to hang out.
Energy level: Medium, can be very laid back when just hanging out.
Can be handled/touched:Yes, likesto stay close by his person and is an affectionate cuddler.
Flight risk:Possibly, in the beginning. Also have worked on his need to bolt through any doorway once a door is opened, either going in or out. He has gotten much better.
Food aggressive:No
Current food: Whole Hearted brand, chicken and brown rice recipe.
Walks on leash: Yes
Leash reactive to people or dogs: He can be reactive to other dogs, not people. He is responsive to handler. He does want to chase squirrels.
Rides well in car: Yes, Loves it! Very well behaved.
Destructive: No, but don’t leave trash that contains food, while he is left alone unsupervised, and uncrated. Will eat any food left out as fair game.
Needs a home with a yard: Yes.
Needs a home with another dog: No, if adoptor does have a dog, a slow introduction is recommended. He doesn’t like in his face dog behavior.
Can live in an apartment: Absolutely not, it would be to restrictive for him.
History (how did you acquire dog?): Walked Coco in shelter weekly over a 2 month period.
Other important info:Coco was found as a stray. As a volunteer dog walker I got to know Coco and kept telling anyone who would listen that he’s a really Good dog as he has such a natural handler engagement. He is super smart and it is very obvious with any time spent with him. He is easy to work with as he responds well with treats.