Delilah (20210708-04)

Delilah (20210708-04)
From Texas
Sheer perfection!
Delilah was picked up as a stray and taken to an East Texas shelter. She was very shut down at the shelter and just stayed curled up in the back of the kennel. She was very shut down, she curled up at the back of her kennel and wouldn’t budge. We saved Delilah right at the last minute and almost immediately she was a different dog in her foster’s home.
She didn’t care for the dogs in the foster home at first, but then she realized they weren’t going to mess with her if she didn’t want their attention. She made friends with them pretty soon after that and plays chase with them sometimes. Dogs in the home range in age from 1 1/2 years to 13 years old. Delilah and the young male dog like to give each other kisses. She will sleep in a dog bed with an older female dog.
Delilah had probably never been around cats before and was terrified of them at first. The cats didn’t do much to help her like them, but the other dogs made a point to interact with the cats around her in a friendly way. Eventually, Delilah and the cats became relatively friendly with each other. She does not chase cats; she gives them plenty of space; she’s also absolutely delighted when a cat is sweet to her
Delilah is a couch potato who will choose a comfortable bed or couch over playing any day. She doesn’t play fetch and doesn’t like to play rough, but she does enjoy walks where she can sniff different foliage and maybe eat a bug or two. She likes being with people but doesn’t have any separation anxiety if you leave. She sleeps quietly in a crate throughout the night and is fine in one during the day if needed, but she’s pretty trustworthy in the house and yard. I don’t think she would enjoy doggy daycare with all the rambunctious dogs and activity.
Delilah is very sensitive and does not like to get in trouble. If she does do something wrong (her main issue was counter surfing) and is subsequently punished for it, she will go in her kennel and pout for awhile. Sometimes I have to let her know I still love her, but just let her continue pouting until she’s recovered. Basically, she puts herself in the corner.
With all that said, I believe Delilah would do best in a quiet relaxed home with a routine. She may do well with a senior person or couple (as long as they had the strength to lift her into the car sometimes) but she does like to jump up on people. She’s a quiet dog; I’ve only heard her bark a few times and some of those were in her sleep. She does snore by the way.

Name: Delilah (20210708-04)
Weight: 55 lbs
Age: 2-3 years
Gender: Female
Spayed/Neutered: Spayed
Breed: Pointer mix
Colour: White with a red face and red on ears

Neck size (for collar): Large, 17 inches
Height (from top of head):
Length (from nose to base of tail):
Crate size recommended: At least 36” long

Good with adults: Yes
Good with kids: Probably; has only been around a 9 year old boy for a night
Good with other dogs: Respectful dogs
Good with cats: Yes but a little afraid of them
House trained: Yes
Crate trained: Mostly
Energy level: Low, but gets excited when you come home and jumps on you
Can be handled/touched: Yes, loves hugs and cuddling. Can bathe alright and do nails
Barker: Very quiet
Flight risk: I don’t think so
Food aggressive: No
Walks on leash: Yes, very gentle
Rides well in car: Yes but have to pick her up to put her in. A little nervous but behaves in the car
Destructive: No, she’s only torn up paper towels left out
Needs a home with a yard: Not necessarily but likes to wonder around off leash. She’d be fine with someone leash walking her for exercise
Needs a home with another dog: Would be fine alone or with another respectful dog. May do better with a middle aged dog
Can live in an apartment: Yes