From: KY

Name: Dizzy
Weight: 45lbs
Age: 1.5 years
Gender: female spayed
Breed: mastiff mix
Color: fawn with black mask
MEDICAL: Tested positive for Lyme, Giardiasis and tapeworm. Is currently being treated for all 3. Doxy for Lyme for 28 days, and will need to be re-checked for quantC6 in 6 months.Neck Size: 19 inches
Crate Size: 22” wide 36” longGood With Adults: yes
Good with kids: yes
Good With Other Dogs: Selective with females. OK with males. Slow introductions should be exercised;
Good With Cats: NO. No cats or small animals of any kind
Housebroken: Almost! Understands outside is where you go to the bathroom now, occasional accidents happened inside when she was nervous/due to new surroundings.
Crate Trained: Partially. She will sleep in there during the day, even with the door closed, if she knows someone is home. If left home alone in her crate, she will cry and chew items in the crate.
Energy level: medium
Can be handled/touched: loves being handled and touched.
Barker: no
Flight risk: no
Food aggressive: no
Walks on leash: Yes. She is far more confident now on walks and pulls a lot less.
Leash reactive to people or dogs: No
Rides well in car: yes
Destructive: If left alone, she will chew things in her crate (blankets and towels)
Walks on Leash: Tends to pull, but not always.
Needs a backyard: Yes. Requires a large fenced-in backyard in a quieter neighbourhood so that she can run around.
Needs another dog: maybe, but not necessary.
Can live in an apartment/condo building: No

Dizzy (currently goes by Izzy), is a VERY affectionate, cuddly and loving dog. She loves her people, she is always wagging her tail, and will follow you around most of the time. She does appear to have separation anxiety when left alone, so a family who is home most of the time and willing to work on helping her with her anxiety is needed. Dizzy will cry, howl and bark when left alone, and will chew things she can get a hold of. She is currently crated when left alone, and has chewed her blankets and towels.

Dizzy will benefit from an adopter who has had experience with dogs formerly. Someone who is comfortable working with her on her training, and to help her with her anxiety and fears. She is a scared dog when outside in areas that are very noisy, or have a high density of pedestrian or vehicle traffic. She listens well to commands, and is learning new ones. Outside, she is learning “watch me” with the use of treats, so help gain focus.

Dizzy is a fast eater, and loves to chew. Her current foster feeds her with a slow-feeding dish, and provides her many safe chewing items, which she loves, to keep her busy (bully sticks, kongs, and other rubber treat dispensers). Dizzy is a very loving dog, who loves peaceful environments over noisy ones. She would benefit from a family who lives in a quiet neighbourhood, like the suburbs, or in the country, where she doesn’t have to worry about loud traffic noises or encountering a lot of people/animals when out for walks, and where she has a large backyard that she can run around and play fetch in as often as she likes.