From: Texas
Domino wants you to know he’ not just a pretty face! He’s sweet and sensitive with a Texas charm that’ll win over the whole family. He is looking for a solid forever fam who share his passion for nature, naps, and the right to bear charms. Domino is the main man at his fosters and often leads the other dogs on adventures around the neighbourhood – definitely not a wise move in Texas where guns are often levelled at loose dogs! Domino is fun, full of beans and a natural cuddle buddy. We think we can safely say that boring days will be forever banished with Domino by your side.
He is just over a year old and weighs 70 lb. Domino hasn’t been around children but he is a friendly guy and we can’t see any reason why he can’t go to a home with dog-savvy children.

Name: Domino
Weight: 70 lbs
Age: 1 year and 3 months
Gender: male
Neutered: yes
Breed: Shar Pei mix
Colour: white and black

Neck size (for collar):
Height (from top of head):
Length (from nose to base of tail):
Crate size recommended: at least a large

Good with adults: Yes
Good with kids: Not been around any
Good with other dogs: yes but can be selective
Good with cats: unknown
House trained: yes
Crate trained: working on it
Energy level: medium to medium high
Can be handled/touched: yes
Barker: not excessive
Flight risk: yes
Food aggressive: no
Walks on leash: yes
Rides well in car: yes
Destructive: no
Needs a home with a yard: yes
Needs a home with another dog: no, this breed type doesn’t normally do well accepting new dogs
Can live in an apartment: could but would need lots of exercise

Foster insights/story: Domino belonged to my daughter. She had to move and couldn’t take him. So he stayed with us. We have 7 dogs and Domino likes to escape and take them all with him and this is upsetting to the neighbors. I am afraid if we keep him he may come to harm. He loves attention and is very loyal and friendly with people. He is a great dog and will make a wonderful companion.

Our volunteer met him at tractor supply and said labradoodle puppies came up to him in the store and he was completely fine and didn’t seem bothered by the other dogs. This is also what he said when asked if he has witnessed him being aggressive:

“No only if they are all getting treats at the same time he will growl at the others to try and take their treats. He does play a little rough because he is still puppy minded”.

He hasn’t been crate trained, but they have transported him in a crate several times and he does fine.