Gunner (20210718-02) & Gilley (20210718-03) Bonded

Gunner (20210718-02) & Gilley (20210718-03) Bonded

From: Texas

Like peanut butter and chocolate, Gunner and Gilly just go together. Like toast and jam…or even hugs and kisses!
I know, you’re shaking your head and thinking one dog is more than enough! but the truth is they’re less work than most single pets!
You’ll never worry about separation anxiety with the two of them in your home! and you’ll never feel guilty when you leave home because they’ll entertain each other for hours.
Heck, even Noah loaded his ark in pairs!
Like any good couple, Gunnery and Gilly balance each other out. Truth be told, their foster mom has fallen right in love with them and swears they are the sweetest couple.
We know you were planning on adopting one dog, but we’re hoping we can convince you to keep their happy home intact. Gunner and Gilly promise that not only do they get along with each other, but they’ll get along with everyone in your family too….

Name: Gunner (20210718-02)
Weight: 70lbs
Age: Probably at least 5 years – vet was hesitant to speculate due to poor condition of his teeth from his previous life
Gender: Male
Breed: Lab mix, possibly Lab/Great Dane mix
Color: Black
Good with adults: Gunner is picky with his people. He takes to calm, quiet females faster.
Good with kids: He is not bad with kids. He is a gentle giant and tends to avoid little or loud kids. If going to a home with kids, older and more understanding of dogs would be ideal.
Good with other dogs: Very good with other dogs in the home – introductions in calm environment is best.
Good with cats: No. He has a high prey
House Trained: He does not pee in the pup house where he is staying. He has not peed in the house when he has been in.
Crate Trained: Does not like being in a crate.
Energy Level: mild to moderate
Can be handled and touched: We are working on this – with time and effort he has become a lovable teddy bear who will roll over for belly scratches, but it is not an instant thing. He sometimes will still flinch at touch, but he is getting better and learning how to trust people that are around and involved in our lives. Once he gets familiar with a person, he allows them to give him ear rubs, forehead pats, touch his limbs, etc and really enjoys it. He will lay next to me and cuddle for an hour or more and be completely happy. I love it when he flashes a smile at me! I’ve been working on desensitizing him by massaging his back hips and petting his legs and paws – this will help for grooming and vet visits.
He needs a space that he feels safe to go during storms or fireworks. He does not like loud noises
Barker: He barks occasionally
Flight risk: Yes. He is timid and has some fear. Requires positive reinforcement.
Food Aggression: No food aggression. He won’t even take food out of my hand most of the time. He will let his son eat before he does. He does eat slow, and he likes food that is smaller and slightly softened by gravy or broth because it’s easier to eat and hurts his teeth less.

Walks on a Leash: Once he is on the leash he walks beautifully. He rarely pulls. I recommend using a slip leash.

Rides well in car: Yes! He will lay down in the back and just chill.

Destructive: I have seen no signs of destructive behavior or aggression in Gunny.

Needs home with a yard: Yes – or frequent walks. Needs at least a 6ft fence, whether a privacy fence or a chain link or otherwise. He is a jumper and can get over our 4 ft perimeter fence.
Need a home with other dog: Yes, he is bonded with his son Gilligan.
Can live in an apt: No

Personality Notes: Gunner is one the most gentle, loving souls you could meet. He is just scared, because people have failed him in the past. He can learn to trust and respect those who adopt him if they show him that they are trustworthy and respect him, give him love, steady meals, stability, patience, back scratches, and treats. He needs some basic training but he is smart. With time he will catch on. He needs time to decompress as well.

His reaction when his person comes into view is that of a puppy, his tail helicopters, his butt wiggles, he lets out a happy squeal. If he’s enjoying his belly rub he’ll tap on you if you stop to make you keep going. He’s a snuggle bug and will curl up next to you on the couch and just be there with you, happy and smiling to have you near him.

He does not like loud noises. He does like music.

He likes to run around with Gilley and play chase.

Name: Gilley
Weight: 60 lbs
Age: approx. 8-9 months
Gender: Male
Breed: Lab mix. Possible lab/Great Dane in him.
Color: Black with white socks and patches.
Good with adults: Yes, loves anyone after an initial pet.
Good with kids: Yes, but best with older kids.
Good with other dogs: Yes, gets along with almost any dog after initial meeting. He is very social and loves to play, chase, run, and is on the submissive side.
Good with cats: No, high prey drive
House Trained: Working on it – He is still young, recently neutered, and has not marked in the house since he was neutered.
Crate Trained: He has been in a crate to go to the vet. He did well. He could be crate trained easily.
Energy Level: Moderate to high. He loves loves loves running and playing.
Can be handled and touched: Yes. He might not come right up to a new person but he will come up happily to a person he knows for greetings and lovings. He is friendly and enjoys all the usually scratches and belly rubs, just like his daddy. He also likes to climb in your lap and to lick your face and arms and just give you a bath in general. Very sweet and caring big ol’ baby.

Barker: Not really. In play he has barked a few times but not much that I can recall.

Flight risk: Yes,He is a fear-based flight risk – ie loud bangs, or a car driving by will scare him. Just keep him on a leash and speak calmingly and he is just fine.

Food Aggression: No food aggression, but he does love food and tries to steal it from his daddy. He will eat out of the same bowl with other dogs at the same time so he’s very willing to share.

Walks on a Leash: Yes, he walks pretty well but has a little pulling problem that we are working on

Rides well in car: Yes! He loves car rides too, like his daddy.

Destructive: He will tear apart toys like any pup and he has stolen a few pillows and we find them exploded. He has stolen a few shoes but they’ve come back without too much damage. Normal pup stuff that can be worked on with training and consistency.

Needs home with a yard: Yes, so he can run around with Gunner – or frequent walks.

Need a home with other dog: Yes, he is bonded with his daddy Gunner.
Can live in an apt: No

Personality Notes: Gilley is adorable – he has the cutest expressions and he LOVES sticks! He likes plush toys but I think he’d prefer a good stick over anything. He is food motivated. He’s a happy dude with an easy-going personality. He’s got some fear issues that we are working on. He is teachable and smart. He and Gunner work well together and they help each other cope with new/fearful situations, like vet visits. – he will just need a space that he feels safe to go during storms or fireworks. He does not like loud noises. Gilly is loads of fun and laughs with his goofy nature. He is also a huge cuddlebug and has his daddy’s helicopter tail when very happy. He needs positive reinforcement, time, patience, and training, but almost any dog his age needs this too. He and Gunny complete each other and together, will make the right person or people very happy. They are gorgeous, loving dogs who just need a chance at a better life.