Hopeful (20210713-08)

Hopeful (20210713-08)

From: Texas

Name: Hopeful
Weight: Approx. 20 pounds
Age: Maybe 3 years old? Will know more after spay surgery
Gender: Female
Spayed/Neutered: no, just had puppies
Breed: Patterdale Terrier/Labrador mix
Color(s): Black and white

Good with adults: Very Timid
Good with kids; Has not been around Children, but expect too timid for them
Good with other dogs: Yes, great with other dogs
Good with cats: Unknown as don’t have cats.
House-trained: Yes, and knows doggie door. Very smart girl
Crate trained: I don’t put her in a crate as it makes her shut down. She didn’t mind puppy pen or crate when puppies small.
Energy level: Moderate level but can get very active when playing with puppies or other dogs.
Can be handled/touched: Not much. She will let me scratch under her chin and give her bits of food by hand but very fearful of hands over her head. Just getting to where she will share the bed with you as long as you stay on your own side.
Barker: Usually runs when other dogs start barking.
Flight risk: unknown
Food aggressive: She was when puppies small. Now will wait her turn to get a treat.
Good on a leash: No. She alligator rolls and you need to carry her. Plan to start working on this soon.
Rides well in a car: Shuts down in car.0
Destructive : Just the rawhide chews we give her to gnaw on.
Needs a home with a yard: I would hope she would get one.
Needs another dog: Definitely needs another dog to know what is allowed in house or not.
Can live in an apartment: Not comfortably.

Backstory: Semi Feral dog in Luftin TX. Had her litter of puppies under a house. Puppies were rescued by animal control and send to San Antonio to foster as unaware that mom was still involved with litter. Was able to trap the mom dog and after 3 days, she was sent to be with puppies. She accepted her puppies back right away and was a particularly good mom to them.

Hopeful is a sweet loving dog to her puppies and gets along well with the other dogs in the house. She was a street feral dog that had to be trapped after her puppies were rescued from under a house where they were born.
When she arrived at my house, she readily accepted her puppies and while she was very afraid of me and the surroundings, she allowed me to touch her puppies and move them around. She would shy away from her when I attempted to pet her on her head but would allow me to touch her under her chin and still does. NEVER was aggressive, just very timid.
Gradually she is getting less fearful, and she has become very playful and more secure with the other dogs and people in the house. We give her a lot of space and do not force her to interact with us. We do give her treats when we give the other dogs treats and have her come to take it out of our hands like we do the other dogs in the house, which she has learned to do.
Hopeful is a great little girl and with a little or a lot of patience, she will learn to trust you and be a great dog for you. She will never become a super cuddly, “want to be with you all the time” tupe of dog so if that is the one you want, please pick one of her puppies. Hopeful is a dog who will be a parallel companion, she will be there in the background, hopeful for love and a place to live the rest of her life off the streets.