Hi it’s me Hudson! And I’m not getting any younger so I put my bucket list together! Yep I’m a go gettter and I’m gonna get me a new owner!

Well actually I’m looking for a training partner! I want someone to accompany me on runs, hikes and some training routines! Yep! I haven’t had this kind of parent in the past and I want one of those active engages types! I’ve seen other dogs come and go from the boarding with that type of owner and I’ve said to myself….Hudson, THAT’s what you need!

I think I deserve a chance to bond with my new parent with training, and fun activities and he/she will cherish me and want to train with me! I’ve been told that I need structure and a routine. I even have a trainer who helps my rescue and she give really good direction because she loves me! And because she knows how to teach people how to work with me so that I know what is expected of me! And I get it I need to be taught some manners so that I’m better socialized with people and other dogs. OK, so I’m not perfect yet but I can get there! I know that I can be special to someone too! I’m smart enough, I’m cute enough and my owner is looking just for ME!

Backstory: He was picked up as a stray and found himself at the local animal shelter. He was recently saved because he was going to be euthanized for space. He is a great dog with his human and would benefit from obedience training to learn to be more in control. He needs a home with a yard if possible and an owner with an active lifestyle. Once he learns the leash better, he would likely be a good running partner.


Name: Hudson
Weight: 40 lbs
Age: 4 years
Gender: neutered male
Breed: Shepherd mix
Color: Black/Brown

Good with Adults: Yes
Good with Kids: No. Not in the short term so kids in the household
Good with Other Dogs: No. Not in the short term.
Good with Cats: No
Housebroken: Yes
Crate Trained: No. But is kennel trained (Used to a boarding kennel)
Energy Level: Med to high
Can be handled/touched: Yes
Barker: When the occasion calls for it
Escape Artist: Unknown
Food Aggressive: Not with his kennel mate in the past.
Walks on Leash: Yes
Needs a home with a yard: Yes