Jellybean (20210615-01)

Jellybean (20210615-01)
From: Kentucky
Name: Jellybean (20210615-01)
Weight: 48 lbs
Age: 8 years
Gender: Female
Spayed/neutered: No has appointment
Breed: Boxer/lab mix
Color: Brindle
Good With Adults: Yes but she needs to approach you.
Good With Kids: Unsure
Good With Other Dogs: No
Good With Cats: No
Housebroken: Yes
Crate Trained: Will go into the crate on her own at times. She is crated when foster goes out, (will howl till she settles down) She sleeps on a dog bed at night next to the bed and does not roam the house.
Energy Level: Medium to low
Can be handled/touched: Yes – she loves to be petted and scratched if she knows you.
Barker: No
Flight risk: No – loves her humans too much
Food Aggressive: No
Current food: Hills Healthy Advantage (needs to put on a few pounds after puppies)
Walks on a lead: Yes – like a dream
Leash reactive: Yes when people seem to come at her, and with other dogs. Distraction and going in a different direction settles her down.
Rides well in a car: Yes – tethered to seat belt. She is able to slowly get in and out of the car on her own,
Destructive: No not at all
Needs a home with a yard: Not necessarily but would love one to play in.
Needs a home with another dog: No – she needs to be the only dog
Can live in an apartment: Yes but needs to be exercised

Foster update:
Jellybean roamed the house for the first day we had her and then settled in on the second day.
She loves to be around her humans, and may choose one as her dominant human.
She is no trouble at all. If it weren’t for her snoring you’d never no she was in the house. She loves attention and is a shadow dog to her dominant human.
She is great on her leash, however is leash reactive to people who seem to be coming at her, and with other dogs. As her foster, I have walked further away from people coming in our direction. With dogs, I distracted her or turned her in another direction to minimize her reactivity. Her maximum time before tiring is about 45 minutes. She’s still gaining strength after having her puppies.
She has toys to play with and likes a good tug of war with you and the toy. She would love to run around or roll in the grass if she had a yard.
She is presently in a condominium complex and has met a number of the neighbours (on her terms) and wags her tail and is happy.
She is a wonderful dog and would make a great addition to a home without a dog. She needs to be the only one. She is a beautiful soul and anyone who adopts her as their forever dog will truly lover her. She is no trouble at all and will bring her human(s) lots of joy. She certainly deserves to be pampered after all she’s been through.

Jellybean came from a high kill shelter in KY. They were going to abort and spay. We pulled her and she gave birth! She is so loving and sweet. Needs to be the only pe