From Texas
Kennedy dreams of treats, squirrels, belly scratches, and sloppy kisses, but most of all, she dreams of the day she gets to meet you.
You’d never know that this little lady spent the first 10 months of her life hanging around a Sonic drive-through looking for anyone to take her home. We have the feeling that someone callously dumped her there in the dark and she patiently waited for someone, anyone, to come and take her home.
Her life changed for the best when her rescuer saw her and determined that no way was she leaving without Kennedy.
Since then, Kennedy has been blossoming into the loveliest of dogs! She has gained weight, her coat gleams and her eyes sparkle!
Kennedy is a lab cross, she’s only 10 months old and as such is immensely trainable. She is good with other dogs, and good with people. She does jump up when greeting you so she may be better suited to children who are steady on their feet.

Name: Kennedy
Weight: 42lbs been eating like a horse !!
Age: 10 months
Gender: female
Spayed/Neutered: yes
Breed: lab mix
Colour: black

Neck size (for collar):
Height (from top of head):
Length (from nose to base of tail):
Crate size recommended: 36 inch

Good with adults: yes
Good with kids: yes but does jump up on you
Good with other dogs: yes
Good with cats: yes, but my cats don’t run away so she doesn’t have a chance to chase.
House trained: may have a few accidents
Crate trained: yes
Energy level: medium
Can be handled/touched: yes she was petrified of humans at first but a complete love bug
Barker: yes she barks if wants to play
Flight risk: always contained. It was hard to catch her so she is always confined with a fence or a leash. No human touched her till recently but she sure isn’t shy with humans now
Food aggressive: no
Walks on leash: yes but needs major work
Rides well in car: yes
Destructive: no
Needs a home with a yard: yes
Needs a home with another dog: not required
Can live in an apartment: probably not

Foster insights/story : Kennedy was the most timid baby but quickly came out of her shell! She is such a sweet and loving little girl!! A real gem ! She may take a while to grow used to alot of activity . She was hard to capture and lived at a Sonic drive-through. We trapped her under a house and she loved people right away!! She is a special girl ! Her hair is sort of long like a golden’s.