From: Kentucky

Name: Krew

Weight: 40 lbs

Age: 11 months

Gender: Male

Breed: Lab mix

Color: Black and White

Collar: Medium

Crate: 36″

Good With Adults: Yes

Good With Kids: Over 14 yrs

Good With Other Dogs: Yes

Good With Cats: Unknown

Housebroken: Yes

Crate Trained: Yes

Energy Level: Medium/High

Can be handled/touched: Yes

Barker: No

Escape Artist: No

Food Aggressive: No

Walks on Leash: Needs some work

Needs a yard: Yes

Needs another dog: No

Can live in apartment: No

One look at this little puppy hiding in the corner of the shelter yard, and we knew that he had to come to Niagara! Who could resist those two black eyes and those cute freckles. At 11 months, he is just about out of the puppy craziness and is ready to settle nicely into all that’s best about being a dog. Krew has been in a home for the past month and has come a long way. He is the sweetest dog. He was overwhelmed with life in the big city and noises, people and new experiences overwhelmed him and frightened him. He has been exposed to many different things in an attempt to socialize him and he has gotten much better when out on walks. He is leery of strangers who enter the house but once he has warmed up to you and knows you he is fine. If he is taken to other people’s houses to visit this is not an issue and he will relax. He needs a patient person to help him get over his fear of strangers using positive reinforcement and counter-conditioning. He continues to improve weekly by being exposed to different things slowly. Given that he is a bit shy and nervous of strangers it is felt that a calmer household would be best for him so young children would be too stressful for him. A home that is in a bit quieter neighborhood would be best. He may benefit from another well socialized dog. He is completely crate trained and slept perfectly in it since the first night. He also rides very well in the car. He Is a love bug who enjoys belly rubs and he absolutely adores his people! Krew loves to run around and be active outside so having a nice backyard or open areas to run in would be his preference. He has learned sit, down, kiss (nose boop), touch, look at me, shake, and leave it all very quickly. He is a very smart boy and learns very quickly. If you are looking for a sweet boy that will warm his way into your heart look no further!