Kris (20210825-03)

Kris (20210825-03)
From: South Carolina
Name: Kris (20210825-03)
Weight: 34 lbs
Age: 5 years
Gender: female
Breed: boxer mix??
Color: tan
Collar 14″
Height 19″
Length 24″

Good with adults: yes
Good with kids: most likely but untested
Good with other dogs: yes
Good with cats: unsure; has not shown prey drive
House trained: Yes
Crate trained: Yes – eats and sleeps in her crate as well as is crated when left alone
Energy level: low
Can be handled/touched: yes after she gets to know you.
Barker: normal level. After she becomes comfortable in her surroundings she barks at things.
Flight risk: At first yes. She is shy and will look for a place to hide and run to, in the beginning. Once she knows the routine she wants to be with the person or other dogs.
Food aggressive: No
Walks on leash: She does quite well on a leash but has not had a lot of time on one.
Rides well in car: Probably but I have only crated her while in the car.
Destructive: No
Needs a home with a yard: Not necessarily. She uses the doggie door for potty breaks and comes right back in…….possibly because it is too hot to stay outside but could be she just enjoys being indoors. She also will go outside if leashed and I want her to.
Needs a home with another dog: Not necessarily but she will make friends with a person who is friends with other dogs much quicker that way.
Can live in an apartment: she is terrified of over populated areas and loud noises, so that may not be the best option.

Additional information:
She is very shy of new people. She loves other dogs so being friendly with other dogs will have her become more trusting to a person. It will probably take a day or two but after that she is your best friend. She isn’t running and jumping excitable. Likes to sit on the couch or floor by her person or other dogs. She is very relaxed. She takes her medicine very well when it is rolled in peanut butter.
Never showed aggression even when stressed around new people. She would rather just go off and hide somewhere.
At first I had to pick her up and carry her outside for bathroom breaks because she would just pancake on the ground. In a couple days she would follow me outside and come back in when I wanted her. She is an absolute joy and one of the easiest fosters I have ever had.