Matt (20210708-09)

Matt (20210708-09)
From Texas
Name: Matt (20210708-09)
Weight: 45 lbs
Age: about 3 years
Gender: Male
Spayed/Neutered: neutered
Breed: Shepherd mix
Colour: Orange

Neck size (for collar):
Chest circumference (for harness):
Height (from top of head):
Length (from nose to base of tail):
Create size recommend:

Good with women: I do okay
Good with men: I do okay but I’m a bit better with women
Good with kids: young kids scare me
Good with other dogs: Yes!
Good with cats: not sure but probably
House trained: I go outside to potty very well. (I’m crated at night.)
Crate trained: yes I love my crate
Energy level: low
Can be handled/touched: I let my foster parents pet me and pick me up, but I still get nervous
Barker: only when outside
Flight risk: yes
Food aggressive: no
Current food: I’m eating kibble but if I’m not hungry, foster mom gives me wet food with it and I love that stuff
Walks on leash: I do a good job walking on a “Y” shaped leash with my confident foster brother.
Leash reactive to people or dogs: no
Rides well in car: yes
Destructive: no, I’m a good boy in the house
Needs a home with a yard: yes
Needs a home with another dog: Yes, I would love a home with a fun-loving friendly dog so I can follow their lead.
Can live in an apartment: preferably not

Hi I’m Matt, and I’m a very good boy who is friendly with other dogs.
I have good potty manners in the house, and I enjoy sitting on the couch watching TV. I’m shy with people at first, because I was rescued from a hoarding situation where I was severely neglected, but I’m making progress every day!
In my current foster home, during the day I prefer to hang out in my kennel and play outside with my doggy siblings. Once those loud crazy human-kids go to bed, I come out and sit on the couch with the adult humans. It’s much calmer once the kids are in bed. It’s nice to watch movies and hang out!
My other hobbies include playing with other dogs (I like to “bow” and hop around and chase a bit. I’m not a rough wrestler.) and sitting in the sunshine outside.
Even though I’m still getting used to everything, I’m extra happy with life lately because my eyelids are all better now! My whole life before this, I had “entropion eyelids” which means my eyelids were flipped the wrong way! So my eyelashes were scratching my eyes all the time. Now that’s all better, and guess what? My heartworms are all gone too! When they found me I had no hair, but it’s all grown back, and now I have beautiful golden fur.
I’m glad to start my next chapter! My ideal forever home would be a home with kind, patient adults, and a goofy calm happy dog to help me play and have fun. Please give me a chance to gain your trust and I’ll be the best boy ever!

Thanks for considering me