We haven’t been crating him. He howled all night the first night when he was in there. We are mostly home and he’s been fine in the house when we’ve left him alone with our dog.
His separation anxiety is better. He was rushing the door any time anyone went to leave but now he is better with us coming and going.
He is totally fine in the car. So much so that we walked by a car with an open trunk in our neighbourhood and he hopped right in.
We’ve been spraying him with a water bottle when he barks at our neighbours’ dogs out back. He’s cut back a lot and thinks twice before carrying on.
He’s very gentle when taking treats. He is walking better on leash but there is still room for improvement. He does still bark at bikes but not every time. He’s much better walking on a hike than in the neighbourhood.

McCoy is a very gentle soul who loves his humans, is very affectionate towards them and wants to be close to them. He has made improvements with his barking, leash walking, separation anxiety and flight risk.

His foster family says that he is the most affectionate dog, and doesn’t have a mean bone in his body; he is comfortable with his family face to face, when you’re near his food, and when he sleeps. He loves being outside, but may be a flight risk, so needs a home with a fenced in back yard. However, his foster family sees progression in his behaviour and doesn’t think he’ll be a flight risk forever.

McCoy was chained up his whole life, but still knows how to be a family dog, but that said he will need a family who will continue to offer him training so that he can thrive and be the dog he was always destined to be. His foster family has been working on training with him, and has seen significant improvement in his first two weeks, and says he’s a quick learner. In his first two days with his foster family, he learned his name, how to sit and how to come on command. McCoy is a very good boy with an incredible amount of love to give, and any family would be so lucky to have him.

Weight: 65 lbs
Age: 1.5-2 years
Gender: Male, neutered
Breed: Catahoula mix
Color(s): blue Merle

Good with adults: Yes
*Good with kids: NO
*Good with other dogs: Yes but needs slow intros. Can be dominant and is better to go into a home with a submissive dog his size or by himself.
Good with cats: Unknown
House-trained: Yes when let out regularly
Crate trained: Yes, comfortable in crate, patient to be let out in the mornings.
Energy level: med to high when playing with other dogs
Can be handled/touched: Yes
Barker: yes, barks and howls. Likes to talk when he wants something, or when he sees other other dogs through the window or on walks from a distance.
Flight risk: yes
Food aggressive: No
Walks on a leash: Yes, but he pulls, He is responding well to correctional training, will stop and wait when told and doesn’t walk until told.
Rides well in a car: Anxious in cars. Should be crated or May need some assistance to restrain him down. Foster is working with him on this and has seen significant improvement.
Destructive: No
Needs a home with a yard: yes
Needs another dog: No
Can live in an apartment: not recommended as he can be very chatty, and suffers from separation anxiety.
Separation anxiety: yes