Miss America (20210812-02)

Miss America (20210812-02)
From: Texas
Name: Miss America (20210812-02)
Weight: 43lbs
Age: 1.6 years
Gender: female
Spayed/Neutered: Aug 18 2021
Breed: lab mix
Colour: tan
Neck size (for collar):17″
Height (from top of head): 25″
Length (from nose to base of tail):30″
Crate size recommended: 36″

Good with adults: yes
Good with kids: yes
Good with other dogs: yes, submissive but playful
Good with cats: untested but she is fine with chickens
House trained: I believe so. No problems so far. She has lots of opportunity to go outside during the day
Crate trained: work in progress
Energy level: med/high if she has a willing playmate
Can be handled/touched: yes
Barker: Mostly at play
Flight risk: yes. She will jump low fences. She doesn’t run when called back but will try to go on solo adventures.
Food aggressive: none seen
Walks on leash: yes
Rides well in car: yes very well
Destructive: has chewed on the occasional toy left laying around
Needs a home with a yard: I would think that would be best option
Needs a home with another dog: no, but she definitely loves them!
Can live in an apartment: not recommended, could be hard but with lots of exercise sure

Foster insights/story : America was left fending for herself at a diner for a couple months. America has had a litter recently. She is super sweet! Very outgoing. Came right inside our home and started investigating every room. She immediately was friendly and wanted to play with our dogs. America can be a bit restless indoors. She is a pacer. Maybe that will settle down once she feels at home. She loves hugs and the 3 human boys( 3, 7 and 9)she shares a home with. She is starting to understand crates are not bad for bed time. It helps to give her something to do like a kong to help her settle and to be able to see people. America likes to jump on people out of pure excitement and love, a habit I’m teaching her isn’t necessary. She tries really hard not too. She will adore her humans and willingly snuggles up with who ever is available at that moment.