Molly and Maggie

Molly and Maggie

UPDATE: Molly and Maggie are making progress.  They can be touched and that is a huge milestone! These girls have endured a rough life and haven’t experienced a real home!

We’re bonded chow-mix sisters, and in case you get confused, Maggie has black-brown fur, and Molly has reddish-brown fur. Being bonded means we love each other SO much that we can’t bear to be separated, but that just means when you adopt us, you get to have two furry babies instead of one, because more is always better!

We were rescued from a high-kill shelter and are currently in foster-care, but we’re ready to be adopted into an experienced home who can be very patient with us, and preferably one that has another dog that we can make friends with and bond with. Why you ask? Well… we’re shy sisters, and tend to be afraid of people. Quick movements and sounds tend to frighten us, and we aren’t yet comfortable with the whole petting concept, so a home with a family who can be very patient with us, and understands us and our breed is very important to us.

Since we are still scared and skittish, a home without kids will be best for us. We also like to chase cats, so a home without cats or small animals is ideal. We hope to be adopted into a home with a dog that we can bond with so they can show us the world is a safe place, however we will need very slow and proper introductions because we don’t like to be forced into meeting strangers – both the dog kind or human kind.

We know what you’re going to ask next… are we house trained? The answer is yes, and we also are potty-pad trained!! We also know how to be safe in a kennel, but we’re not crate trained yet. We still need to develop leash-walking skills, because right now leashes make us feel uncomfortable. And please make sure your home has ZERO escape routes, because me and my sister like to try and escape because hey, it’s fun!

We know you’re probably thinking “oh no, these sisters need a lot of work and patience”, and yes it’s true, but we promise you that we have a lot of love to give you in return if you just give us the time and patience that we need. We just haven’t had the best life so far, but we’re only 3 years old. Please apply to adopt us!


Name: Molly & Maggie 
Weight: 30-35 lbs they are not big dogs, they are quite the perfect size actually!
Age: 3 years
Gender: Female
Breed: Chow mix, cute curly tails
Colour: Maggie-black/brown, Molly-reddish brown

Good With Adults: shy and afraid of people (improving)
Good With Kids: unknown (since they are skittish, so no kids or understanding children)
Good With Other Dogs: yes the LOVE to play with other dogs, LOVE LOVE, but due to nerves it’s always best with slow introductions
Good With Cats: no, they will chase
Housebroken: yes
Crate trained: no but understand the safety of a walk-in kennel so transition should be easy enough
Energy Level: medium
Can be handled/touched: getting comfortable with being pet regularly, would come around much faster when it’s a home of their own
Barker: no
Escape Artist: yes, flight risks for a time
Food Aggressive: no
Destructive: no
Walks on Leash: not yet.


Molly and Maggie were pulled from a high-kill shelter in San Antonio, Texas.
They have been in foster care in a climate controlled garage setting and go inside and outside as instructed by their foster.

They however are ready to be part of a very patient home it’s helpful to have a stable dog in the home, but not necessary, It would just speed things along.  They frighten at quick movements and sounds so patience and understanding is key.