From: Texas
Name: Mossy
Weight: 58 lbs
Age: 2-3 years
Gender: male, neutered
Breed: shepherd mix
Colour: Black and brown
Good with adults: yes
Good with kids: Foster does not have any children in the home but Mossy is young, energetic and has a friendly demeanour so he should do fine with older children.
Good with other dogs: yes, he is very friendly and loves playing with other dogs
Good with cats: unknown
House trained: coming along – does still have the odd accident in his kennel
Crate trained: currently being kenneled so should easily transition into using a crate when adopted
Energy level: high energy
Can be handled/touched: yes, he does get excited and may jump up
Barker: only when he is excited/around new dogs – is calm and quiet otherwise
Flight risk: no
Food aggressive: no
Walks on leash: yes, gets distracted by smells and other dogs often
Rides well in car: unknown
Destructive: no
Needs a home with a yard: yes
Needs a home with another dog: No. Mossy gets a little overwhelmed when meeting other dogs in an excited/hyper type of way. So, if there is another dog, would need supervision and slow intros; i think mainly because he gets hyper/excited; not aggressive.
Can live in an apartment: noBackstory: He was a stray, found with OakDescription: Mossy is a young shepherd mix who was rescued as a stray along with another Texoma Dog Ranch dog named Oak. He is friendly and playful with other dogs and is a highly energetic boy. He is active and would love a home with a yard. Like his rescue-mate, Oak, he gets excited on the leash and may bark if he sees a dog he doesn’t know, however, he is very young, so this can be corrected with time!