From: Texas
My foster mom says some of the sweetest flowers bloom in the shade and that’s what I am….the sweet little primrose, the unobtrusive baby’s breath.
I’ll never be one of those in your face, sassy girls, the life of every party. I’m the girl who sits who loves family time, evenings spent on the sofa watching laughing our way through reruns of Schitts Creek.
Mom says I’ve done amazing with her – no accidents in the house, and although I’m not a fan of being crated, I did go in all by myself the other day. We’re working really hard on this whole leash thing too…so hopefully when I get to you, I’ll know how to prance along like those city girl dogs do.
I’m quite fine being the only dog, I don’t mind other dogs, but it takes me a while to warm up to them. Felines! now critters I’m afraid, are another story…I admit I love to chase them, so a cat-free home would be best.
Name: PeeBee
Weight: 25-30 ish lbs
Age: about 2 years
Gender: female
Breed: terrier/lab mix possibly
Color: honey/tan
Good with adults: Yes
Good with kids: older children
Good with other dogs: dog selective – okay with mellow dogs and needs a lot of time to warm up to them
Good with cats: probably not but not officially cat-tested – she chased a neighbor cat
House-Trained: yes
Crate-Trained: no, she didn’t like the crate at all, but has entered the open crate on the deck for a nap. She can probably be trained.
Energy Level: Low to moderate
Can be handled and touched: Yes, but she is slower to trust and a bit shy. I usually approach my hand slowly, palm up, to ask if I can pet her. Then other times she’ll just come up behind me while working in the kitchen and put her head between my knees to ask for pets and attention. Once being petted she loves it and likes to sit in your lap and stay close.
Barker: She is vocal when she is scared or hears loud noises. For NY fireworks, calm classical music helped a lot to soothe her. She would be a good “alarm” dog.
Flight risk: No, I don’t think so. She hasn’t tried to dig out or jump the fence. She wants to be close to her people. She does run away from danger but has always run TO me or right back to me because she knows I’m a safe place.
Food Aggression: No.
Walks on a Leash: has made progress but still needs work
Rides well in car: Yes. She laid down and slept.
Destructive: can be if left alone or anxious
Needs home with a yard: Yes. Even a smaller yard would be good. She just needs a place to go potty and get some exercise.
Need a home with other dog: No, but if she is with another dog, it may take a few days to adjust and the dog should be mild and mellow.
Can live in an apt: no
Comments: Peebee is an anxious little girl that will require a very patient and commited adopter that is willing to work with her to boost her confidence and gain her trust. Someone who is home more often than not be would best for her as she displays separation anxiety when left alone for extended periods.