Penny (Alana)

Penny (Alana)

From: Kentucky


Name: Penny
Weight: 65lbs
Age: 2 years
Gender: female
Breed: husky
Color: yellow/white
Good With Adults: yes
Good With Kids: Yes
Good With Other Dogs: very dog selective, can be aggressive with play and over toys
Good With Cats: no
Housebroken: yes
Crate Trained: yes
Energy Level: Medium-High
Barker: sometimes
Flight risk: recommend 6ft fence
Food Aggressive: yes, but getting better
Walks on Leash: yes but has anxiety
Leash reactive to people or dogs: very reactive to other dogs and very dog selective
Rides well in car: unknown
Destructive: no
Needs a home with a yard: yes, needs lots of outdoor space
Needs a home with another dog: would be better as the only dog
Can live in an apartment: no

Backstory: This little lady was found as a stray. She was picked up and brought to the shelter. Her foster says she is a little ball of energy! She is really playful, She’s a pro at fetch. When it comes to down time she loves to cuddle and likes being under the covers at bedtime.


-Penny understands her name to be Penny, not Alana (the later was a temporary name given to her).
-Penny is an Alpha-female Huskey mix with lots of energy and a very loving disposition
-She loves myself and my children and responds well to all of us. She trusts us and is finally at the point where she lays with us on the floor and lets us rub her belly…and she provides “kisses” willingly.
-Penny is highly intelligent and responded well to all training provided
-It is likely that at some point she might have been struck as she cowers when anyone lifts their hand up in the air for any reason. However, this has improved over the 5 months.
-Penny loves people and approaches them willingly and has NEVER showed any aggression towards a human.
-She loves to run and play ball and rope toss…and goes “full-out” if she has the space.

Flight Risk:
-Penny is NOT a flight risk, per se. She loves the outdoors and needs freedom to run and chase animals and explore (this is her nature and is where she is happiest).
-I have taken her off-leash in forests and places where I am unlikely to meet others and other dogs…and have taught her to return to me when I blow a whistle.
-She runs wildly off-leash with her nose to the ground, and can get lost and distracted. However, if I blow the whistle, she is quickly re-oriented to where I am and returns for a treat, positive feedback or a drink of water.

Food Guarding:
-When I received Penny she repeatedly attacked my dog IF food was anywhere in the vicinity. At this point I still have to feed my dog in another room. However, my dog is always fed first and she now understands this order, and knows that she will get her food as well if she is patient.
-However, IF a strange dog (either a friends dog or at the dog park) is in the vicinity and is either given a treat or fed in front of her, she will attack the other dog very aggressively…this goes for water as well.

Aggression Towards Other Dogs:
-Penny has learned to get along with my dog. They now can play together on occasion. However, she is very young and plays very aggressively…often too aggressively with my dog who then Yelps or Cowers. She runs into her (head butting her very hard) or bites at her and chews on her ears?
-On leash: If Penny encounters ANY dog outside while on leash, she reacts with aggression up to and including attacking and biting the other dog. She is very strong and hard to manage during these episodes. I now just avoid other dogs as much as possible.
-Off leash: If Penny is in an area with other dogs (like a dog park), she will either find “a pack” to run with (and is exceptionally happy), or she will pick a fight with another dog (specifically if the other dog is more docile or submissive).
-In addition, if there is a toy or a ball and more than one dog, she attacks the other dog to get the toy (and in fact has bitten another dog because she wanted the Frisbee, which wasn’t hers).

Food and Health:
-Penny has been under the care of my Veterinarian for the 5 months and has achieved her ideal weight (she is close to 65 pounds). She had chronic diarrhea, tape worms, and Giardia…all of which are now resolved.
-She is eating a specialty food (low fat) that seems to agree with her
-Only fresh food treats are provided as other dried meat and sweet treats cause the diarrhea.

Leash Walking:
-Penny can walk on a leash (I am still using the Halty and Martingale) and understands what is expected…but her anxiety gets the best of her making a casual walk very difficult and stressful (see below under next steps).

-Penny has been through obedience training, with a specific focus on impulse control. She passed with flying colours and is able to understand most commends: Come, Sit, Wait, Stay, This Way, To Your Bed/Crate, Stop (and sit), Look (at me), etc…are all well within her comprehension. However, when stressed outside, she does not follow any of these commends very well.
-Penny has gotten much better in my backyard and often now just lays under the tree watching birds and animals…she loves being outside.

Next Steps:
-I am a firm believer that Penny is a highly anxious dog when she feels threatened, probably due to a rough life on the street.
– Going outside (other than my backyard) is anxiety provoking and she begins panting and her fur stands up. She looks around wildly for any threat and responds negatively to fast cars, sewer grates and other dogs. She positively hates cats (they are prey for her).
– My Vet and I were considering a trial of anti-anxiety agents for her, which might also resolve the diarrhea that is exacerbated when she is outside walking on a leash.
-Penny needs space to run and enjoy herself and could never live in a small space in a city. Her love of the outdoors is her happy place…when she can run off leash, free.
-She may respond better to a strong, male presence