From: Texas

Name: Priscilla
Weight: 53lbs
Age: About 16 to 18 months old
Gender: Spayed, Female
Breed: Boxer mix
Colour: Tan and White

Crate Size Recommended: Large crate

Good with adults: Absolutely
Good with children: Unknown
Good with dogs: Female Selective, gets along well with larger males
Cats: unknown
House Trained: Yes, she is indoor doggy door trained
Crate Trained: Working on it
Energy Level: med to high
Can be handled/touched: Yes
Barker: No
Flight Risk: No
Food Aggressive: Sometimes yes
Walks on Leash: Not so good, but working on that now
Rides well in car: Unknown, she is always kenneled when going somewhere
Destructive: No
Needs a home with yard: Most definitely
Needs a home with another dog: Not necessarily, if so, larger male
Can live in apartment: No

Story: Poor Priscilla was dumped at the Cedar Creek Shelter, pregnant. The shelter reached out to several rescues prior to her having her babies for a rescue to take her and the poor thing had her 12 babies in the shelter. Unfortunately, I was unaware of her situation. The shelter then contacted me to let me know that she had her babies, but was not faring very well there. I decided at that time to go ahead and tag her under my rescue. I made the trip down to the shelter and 2 hours later I was on my way home with mama and babies. I increased her diet and gave her special food so she could nurse those babies to health. Her last babies were just adopted 2 weeks ago, and Priscilla is doing great. She is a great dog and is a lover of people. She is female dog selective but great with larger male dogs. Priscilla loves to run and play, and she loves toys to play with as well. She will make a great pet