Rain (20210828-02)

Rain (20210828-02)
From: Texas
Rain? Oh my! this little girl is a genuine heart melter! Sweet, gentle and sensitive, she values companionship above all else and there’s no place she’d rather be than on your knee.
She is always checking in on her people just to see how they’re doing. Rain loves her people so much, she’ll actually steal your socks from the laundry hamper and carry them around in her mouth.
There is no doubt that Rain is a sensitive girl and like many sensitive dogs, she finds the world a scary place when you’re not around. She needs a best friend who’ll support her as she learns that it isn’t so scary after all.
Rain loves her walks, and gets excited when she sees her leash. She does well around others on walks. Rain also knows her commands – here, come, no, bedtime and lay down.
What makes Rain anxious? Strangers, loud noises, doors, cars, lots of stuff.
Rain’s ideal home will be calm and quiet with adopters who are either retired or who work from home. She is her happiest when she never has to leave your side.
Name: Rain (20210828-02)
Weight: 40 lbs
Age: 2.5 years
Gender: Female
Neutered: yes
Breed: shepherd mix
Color: fawn
Neck size : 16 inches
Height: 16 inches
Length: 26 inches
Crate size recommended: large
Good with adults: yes ones she knows, cautious and protective from strangers that come into her home. She is good with people everywhere else
Good with kids: yes
Good with other dogs: yes, does well with larger ones, doesn’t do well with puppies
Good with cats: never been around any
House trained: yes
Crate trained: yes
Energy level: medium
Can be handled/ touched: yes
Barker: she barks when people come to the door.
Flight risk: no
Food aggressive: yes
Walks on leash: yes
Rides well in car: no has nausea
Destructive: no
Needs home with yard: no
Needs home with another dog: no
Can live in apartment: yes
Foster insights/story: She is very loyal and loving. She did have issues that we have worked on. She has bad separation issues and anxiety. She is an inside dog. She likes toys but her favorite thing is socks. She steals them from the laundry. Rain loves to cuddle and be in your lap. She likes to go on walks and gets excited when she sees the leash. She does well around others on walks. She knows here, come, no, bedtime and lay down. She is a great guard dog and will alert you. We have loved Rain for all the time we have had her. She does not like puppies or small dogs, will sometimes get an attitude with them and can be persistent to take attention away from them and other dogs.