Rover (aka River)

Rover (aka River)

From: KY

Name: Rover
Weight: 73 lbs
Age: 2 years
Gender: male
Breed: German shepherd/Aussie mix
Color: black/tan/blue

Good With Adults: yes. Loves meeting all new people, and likes to greet with a jump! When introducing to new people, they should only be allowed to pet him and say hello when he is sitting and calm.
Good With Kids: Only older kids 16 and up as he is a high energy guy who doesn’t understand his size and likes to mouth on arms and hands. This is a definite work in progress and will need continued work in his new home.
Good With Other Dogs: No
Good With Cats: No
Housebroken: Hasn’t had an accident inside yet, however is taken out frequently.
Crate Trained: Yes. Whines at first and then settles. I keep his crate completely covered because he gets over stimulated if he can see what’s going on around him.
Energy Level: high
Can be handled/touched: yes, absolutely, ALL OVER!! Will cover you in kisses and is a belly rub enthusiast
Barker: mostly no, sometimes when excited
Escape Artist: no
Food Aggressive: no
Walks on Leash: yes but is a puller, needs a strong handler willing to work on this.
Destructive: Yes, definitely. No toys should be left in his crate at any point. He loves to grab blankets and towels to chew on them, but I haven’t seen him rip them apart. Plushy and rope toys stand NO chance against him and he will eat ripped off pieces which is a danger so never give him toys unsupervised. He enjoys rubber toys and does fine with them but still, no toys in his crate at any time.
Needs a yard: YES. & lots of exercise to keep him happy and non destructive in the home.

Notes: Looking for a running or hiking buddy? This is your guy! He loves to be outside doin’ fun stuff with his humans. He is the most loveable guy who just wants to please and is easily trainable as he listens very well and is extremely smart and treat motivated.

However, he does need a strong handler who is confident in setting boundaries and being the boss. He needs a lot of work on his impulse control as this is where his problem areas such as jumping and mouthing stem from. I would say training is mandatory for this guy! Don’t let this scare you though. Training with Rover will help you bond with him and create a strong foundation for your relationship, not to mention it will help him be the best dog he can be!

If you think you’re the right hiking buddy and cuddle giver for Rover, please apply for this sweet boy, he is truly an awesome dog!