Sadie (20210903-05)

Sadie (20210903-05)
From: South Carolina
Name: Sadie (20210903-05)
Weight: 48lbs
Age: 6 years
Gender: female
Spayed/Neutered: spayed
Breed: blue tick coonhound mix
Colour: Black, tan, and white
Neck size (for collar): 15”
Height (from top of head): 21”
Length (from nose to base of tail): 32”
Crate size recommended: large/36”

Good with women: yes
Good with men: yes
Good with kids: yes
Good with other dogs: yes
Good with cats: lived with cats in first foster home; was interested, but did ok supervised
House trained: needs to be let out frequently; does pretty well though. Has been on prednisone off and on for several months so is just getting out of the heavy drinking and frequent urination associated with that.
Crate trained: yes
Energy level: medium
Can be handled/touched: yes
Barker: no
Flight risk: no
Food aggressive: no
Current food: acana ranchlands
Walks on leash: yes, would benefit from a no pull harness. She does have a little bit of stubborn hound in her and wants to go where she wants to pretty forcefully at times. Granted it’s usually to eat dirt or get a drink but still
Leash reactive to people or dogs: no
Rides well in car: yes
Destructive: Has always been crated when left unattended
Needs a home with a yard: yes
Needs a home with another dog: no
Can live in an apartment: possibly

Sadie has waited so patiently for her turn. She is a great dog who deserves a family of her own!