From: Kuwait
Name: Shams (20210705-10)
Weight: 48 lbs
Age: 1.5 years
Gender: Male
Breed: Shepherd mix
Colour: White and Tan
Good with adults: yes, great with people he knows but very selective with some
Good with kids: no, doesn’t like kids
Good with other dogs: aggressive with some dogs and submissive with others. Should burn off energy before meeting other dogs
Good with cats: no
House trained: yes, scratches or barks at the door to come in
Crate trained: no, has free roam of the house
Energy level: medium to high. At home he is quiet and happy to curl up and sleep. He needs exercise – 3-6 km every morning. He can hike for 5-7 km without stopping.
Can be handled/touched: not by strangers because he needs time to trust
Barker: yes, due to being protective
Flight risk: no
Food aggressive: he is to foster’s kids
Walks on leash: yes
Rides well in car: yes
This puppy and siblings were rescued from under an abandoned bus in a work area. Their mama has ventured off away from the pack to give birth and they were happy to stay where they were as it was shaded from the warm weather. Their mama April kept a close lookout but she was so sweet and allowed us to come close and give food for her and the pups. The babies were curious and came out to say hi. Shams is a very very sweet boy!
He needs an experienced and assertive owner to help him gain confidence. He needs a lot of structure and training.