From: Texas
Name: Spawn
Weight: 58 lbs
Age: 1 year
Gender: male
Spay/Neuter: Yes
Breed: American Bulldog mix
Colour: black & white

Good with people: yes he is very loving and loves to cuddle.
Good with kids: unknown
Good with dogs: he would benefit to be the only dog, not a fan of other dogs. Training and slow exposure to other dogs could change this over time.
Good with cats: unknown
House trained: unknown
Crate trained: yes
Energy level: moderate
Can be handled/touched: yes he loves people
Barker: when the occasion calls for it; he is currently in boarding and will jump in to bark when others are also barking
Flight risk: unknown
Food aggressive: unknown
Walk on leash: yes, but he would benefit to wear a secure harness because he is strong; needs a strong handler
Reactive on leash: not to people but can be to other dogs at times.
Rides in car: yes, in a crate
Destructive: not in his kennel
Needs a home with a yard: yes a home with a privacy fence is best
Needs another dog: No. He is a good boy but should be the only dog.
Apartment: No

Backstory: Spawn was picked up as a stray in San Antonio, Texas. He found himself in a scary situation at the local kill shelter. After days on stray hold he was released to be euthanized for space. Niagara Dog Rescue intervened and was fortunate to be able to save his life. He has not known the benefit of a foster home as fosters homes are in short supply. He has been living in boarding and is so, so ready for a home.