From: Texas
Name Surrey
Weight 61 lbs
Age: 3 years
Gender: male
Breed: lab mix
Color(s): tan & white

Good with Adults: Yes after he trusts you which normally doesn’t take long
Good with kids: No
Good with other dogs he seems to be ok with some dogs and others not as much. It is very hard to tell in a kennel environment
Good with cats Unsure
House trained: He has occasional accidents
Crate trained: Somewhat
Energy level: Low to medium energy level.
Can be handled/touched: Yes, after he has gained trust
Barker: No
Flight risk: No
Food aggressive: No
Walks on a leash: Yes, but anything around his head or neck makes him uncomfortable
Rides well in a car Unsure
Destructive: in the kennel occasionally. He has chewed on his wall even when he had chew toys and bones.
Needs a home with a yard: Yes
Needs a home with another dog: No
Can live in an apartment environment: Possibly

Backstory: Surrey was picked up as a stray and found himself at Animal Care Services. He was given the required 3 day stray hold and released to be euthanized. NDR was able to save is life with little time to spare. He had a strong bond with one of the female kennel techs in the boarding facility. He seems to bond best with females.

Foster comments: Surrey is a goofy boy. He has a little bit of an old man personality. He likes his comforts and prefers the company of women. It takes Surrey some time to warm up to people but when he does he rolls over and gives you his belly. He is low to medium energy levels. Every now and then he will do lots of zoomies across the yard. Especially for his favorite people. He needs to gain trust before he will allow you to pet him. He usually warms up fast. We do the play bow to him and he does zoomies through the yard! He is definitely lead/head shy but usually will roll over for you to put it on. Occasionally he will throw a temper tantrum. We had to muzzle him to get his cone on him after his neuter. He is food motivated and you can get far with treats in your pocket. He has been known to flip his bed over and spill his water bucket. He dislikes loud noises so children are probably not a good idea. We love him but had to be accepted by him before we built that bond.