From: Texas
Name Surrey
Weight 61 lbs
Age: 3 years
Gender: male
Breed: lab mix
Color(s): tan & white
Good with Adults: Yes after he trusts you which normally doesn’t take long
Good with kids: Not young kids (loud noises startle him), but possibly older kids/teens
Good with other dogs: A bit dog-selective—but has done really well with his foster sister, who is fairly submissive as well.
Good with cats: No
House trained: Yes
Crate trained: Yes—a little whining occasionally when he first goes in, but he settles down
Energy level: Low to medium energy level.
Can be handled/touched: Yes, after he has gained trust
Barker: No
Flight risk: No
Food aggressive: No
Walks on a leash: Yes, but has some sensitivity around his neck area. Once you have his trust, this isn’t an issue.
Rides well in a car: Working on it
Destructive: In the kennel occasionally, but only out of frustration. Likes to chew but generally chooses bones and toys if he has them.
Needs a home with a yard: Yes
Needs a home with another dog: No
Can live in an apartment environment: No
Backstory: Surrey was picked up as a stray and found himself at Animal Care Services. He was given the required 3 day stray hold and released to be euthanized. NDR was able to save is life with little time to spare.
Foster comments: Surrey is a very sweet boy who loves his people. He’s really starting to come out of his shell now, and we’re seeing a lot more of his goofy side. Surrey doesn’t know a lot of commands, but he’s incredibly food motivated, so he learns quickly with just a handful of kibble. Without distractions Surrey can now reliably do sit, come, stay, and down (when there are squirrels around, however, all bets are off—Surrey has an obsession with small, rodent-like creatures). All of his meals are currently earned in the form of training sessions, like learning to be comfortable walking up stairs.
Surrey also likes to chew (but has not been destructive in the house), so we keep lots of bones and chew toys on hand to make sure he has an appropriate outlet.
Currently Surrey is sharing a house with another dog (like him, also fairly submissive), and two cats, and is doing great. After a slow introduction to his foster sister Ripley, he started giving her little kisses on the third day while in a parallel walk. He plays really well with her (though he doesn’t quite have the stamina yet to keep up!) He occasionally shows interest or mild excitement regarding the cats, but so far no aggression. All interactions with the cats are closely supervised.
He walks fairly well on a leash—doesn’t pull unless he sees a squirrel (and even then it’s manageable). He does weave back and forth a bit though, so you have to pay attention so that he doesn’t trip you. He seems to lack body awareness. This should improve with more walks.
Surrey has had no accidents in the house since his arrival but he does get fairly regularly scheduled bathroom breaks.
Overall Surrey is an incredibly sweet dog. He just wants to be near you as much as possible, and seeks out lots of head scratches and belly rubs. He also has a little bit of a stubborn side, so firmness, consistency, and relationship building is key for this boy’s success.