Suzy (20210723-02)

Suzy (20210723-02)

From: Texas

Sweet little Suzy! This little girl is happiness on 4 paws. Suzy believes in the power of doggy kisses to cure all societies ills! And ya know, we think she might have a point. Either way, Suzy is the brand ambassador for canine love and hugs. At only 9 months, she is immensely trainable and she’s food motivated which all training so much easier.

Name: Suzy (20210723-02)
Weight: 40 lb
Age: 9 months
Gender: female
Neutered: yes
Breed: Hound/cattle dog mix
Colour: white and red

Neck size (for collar):
Height (from top of head):
Length (from nose to base of tail):
Crate size recommended: large

Good with adults: Yes
Good with kids: Yes
Good with other dogs: yes
Good with cats: unknown
House trained: no
Crate trained: no but rides well in one
Energy level: medium/high
Can be handled/touched: yes
Barker: not excessive
Flight risk: no
Food aggressive: prefers to eat alone
Walks on leash: yes somewhat, needs work
Rides well in car: yes
Destructive: yes gets bored easily, likes to chew
Needs a home with a yard: yes
Needs a home with another dog: will do ok either way
Can live in an apartment: maybe but would need lots of exercise

Foster insights/story: Suzy is a sweet girl, loves attention and enjoys running and playing. She has recently started digging and is very curious. She is smart and loves chew toys. She hasn’t had much training but I think she will learn quickly with consistent work, she is treat motivated.