Tammy (Trixie)

Tammy (Trixie)

From: Kentucky


Name: Tammy aka Trixie
Weight: 52lbs
Age: 3.5 years
Gender: female
Breed: pug/lab mix
Color: fawn with white neck colouring
Good With Adults: yes, but needs slow and patient introductions.
Good With Kids: No kids please
Good With Other Dogs: Can be dog selective, slow and proper intros should be followed
Good With Cats: No, no small animals
Crate Trained: Yes
Housebroken: Yes
Energy Level: 7/10. High energy when on walks but she’ll sleep for most of the day.
Can be handled/touched: Yes
Barker: Somewhat
Escape Artist: No. She is great at staying within room boundaries within the home. She does not try to escape outside without her leash/harness on.
Food Aggressive: No
Walks on Leash: Yes
Rides Well in Car: Rides well in a crate.
Needs a home with a yard: ideally as she has high energy, and likes to have her space to run around and play.
Needs Another Dog: No, should be the only dog in home.
Can live in an apartment: No

Backstory: Tammy (aka Trixie) was pulled from a high killl shelter in Georgia. She was set to be euthanized the day she was pulled. She is a really sweet girl, she loves her people and is a little dog selective. Would do best as an only dog to start out. She could be trained to gain more confidence and possibly be introduced to other dogs.

Foster comments:
As her foster, we have found Trixie to be a loving and playful dog when she is within our home and backyard. Trixie warmed up to us within the first few days of her staying with us. She is a very sweet girl and she loves and shows affection for the people that have gained her trust.

Trixie loves to smell and stalks squirrels/rabbits in our backyard. Make sure you have a well fenced in backyard or large farm with space to run and play. Trixie can become very excited when it’s time for walkies and jumps a bit because of her excitement getting into her leash/harness. She walks decently on a leash however she does pull when she catches a good scent or sight. She can become overstimulated easily and she will need some training to learn how to meet and interact with other dogs and their humans. She might be best as an only dog in your house. During the day she loves to sleep beside us while my husband and I work from home.

Trixie is a smart dog. She is properly crate trained. She goes into her crate easily with the motivation of a treat or a simple hand motion when it’s time for bed. She’s only ever barked in her crate for bed time the first night a few times. She is house broken and has never peed or pooped within our house. When she needs to go outside of scheduled walk times she becomes a little restless and that’s her signal she needs to go outside for a bathroom break.

When we first got Trixie, she did not know any commands. She is smart and now responds to “come” and “sit” in the short time we’ve had her. We’re positive she’s capable of learning more commands. Trixie does not try to steal human food, during meals she will silently beg, but after a few minutes she’ll give up and lay down.

She loves toys and will destroy them. So make sure to get the durable, long lasting ones. She loves her Kong rope toy fox (once she removed the squeakers and stuffing) and her flexible chew ball, she’ll play with these toys daily. Every couple days, she’ll get a case of the zoomies, which is adorable. So make sure to have a few toys on hand when that happens. She has some resource guarding tendencies with her toys, however, if she gets a hold of a non-toy it can easily be switched out with either a real toy or a treat.