Toby (20210824-04)

Toby (20210824-04)
From: Texas
Name: Toby (20210824-04) – Special Needs
Weight: 38 lb.
Age: 8 months
Gender: Male
Spayed/Neutered: not yet
Breed: Catahoula Mix
Colour: white & brindle
Neck size (for collar): Medium To Large
Height (from top of head): N/A Still Growing.
Length(from nose to base of tail): N/A
Crate size recommended: Large
Good with adults: yes
Good with kids: yes very good . But their puppies so energetic.
Good with other dogs: YES!
Good with cats: unknown
House trained: Needs work
Crate trained: Needs work
Energy level: Puppy energy
Can be handled/touched: Oh Yes!!
Barker: Sometimes
Flight risk: They have never been given the opportunity for flight, but probably not a flight risk.
Food aggressive: Not with each other, other dogs are unknown.
Walks on leash: Mostly
Rides well in car: unknown
Destructive: Mostly no, but are still puppies and enjoy shredding toys etc.
Needs a home with a yard: Definitely needs space to Run!
Needs a home with another dog: They would be fine with another dog but don’t need one.
Can live in an apartment: If needed, but they need space to play.Foster insights/story : Toby, we believe is partially blind . We have observed him running into thing or having to be led somewhere. He seems to see figures far away but not clear till right up close in my opinion. He also doesn’t hear when attempting to be woken up or called for so we assume deaf.