From: Texas
Well, dang me! If ever there was an all-round best friend, it’d have to be me. I don’t care if we’re cruisin’ down the highway in your truck or sittin’ with the family for Sunday dinner. Whether we’re watchin’ a football game or sneakin’ midnight snacks from the fridge, as long as I can be right by your side, I’m goinna be one happy guy. Fishin’ off the dock? I promise not to scare those fish away…In short, I’m thinkin’ I just might be the dog of your dreams.
Now I know that sounds a lot like braggin’ but my foster mom says I’m like the best boy. I’m 1 1/2 years old which is dog code for being the perfect age…I’m young enough to keep up on country hikes and just sophisticated enough to take to that patio for drinks. I’m just past puppyhood so believe me when I say that I really like kids! At only 40 lb., there’s no problem with me sharing the back seat with them either!
I’m crate trained and working so hard on the housebreaking.
I sure pray I get to meet you soon. The whole summer is before us – lakes, picnics, pools and patios. Wherever you go, I’m hoping to be by your side.
Name: Ty
Weight: 40 lbs
Age: 1.5 years
Gender: Male
Neutered/Spayed: Yes
Breed: Catahoula mix
Colour: Grey & White

Neck size (for collar): 17”
Height (from top of head): 26”
Length (from nose to base of tail): 41”
Crate size recommended: 36

Good with adults: Yes
Good with kids: Yes
Good with other dogs: Yes loves to play
Good with cats: Not sure
House trained: Working on it
Crate trained: Yes
Energy level: Medium to High
Can be handled/touched: Yes
Barker: Not too much
Flight risk: No
Food aggressive: No
Walks on leash: Yes
Rides well in car: Yes
Destructive: Likes to dig a little and will need chew toys as he is still a young dog & has not been left alone in house
Needs a home with a yard: Yes
Needs a home with another dog: Preferable
Can live in an apartment: No

Foster insights/story: Nolan & Ty were strays and another rescue picked him up & they had sarcoptic mange & a few other issues. They are all good now & having the time of their lives. They are together & playing is all they care about. They love attention & their human; they have not been apart but will do well in our opinion if they were together or separate. Very sweet & loving dogs