From: Texas
Name: Xabi (pronounced za-bee
Weight: 40-50 lbs
Age: 2-5 years
Gender: male
Spayed/Neutered: yes
Breed: corgi/shepherd mix
Color: brown/black/white/tan
Neck size (for collar): 20 inches
Chest circumference (for harness): 27-29 inch
Height (from top of head): 21 inches
Length (from nose to base of tail): 39 inches
Crate size recommended: 40 in Length by 23 in width by 25 in height. Retriever brand kennel with plastic bottom. Or any brand as long as it has a plastic bottom for him to sleep on, as he does not like sleeping on a pillow or dog bed.Good with women: yes
Good with men: yes
Good with kids: unconfirmed
Good with other dogs: has prey drive towards smaller dogs And will try to attack them (same with cats). Unconfirmed if he’s okay with other dogs his size or bigger, but I would not risk it unless he seems to want to be friendly with them)
Good with cats: no
House trained: yes
Crate trained: yes
Energy level: high
Can be handled/touched: yes, but not towards the back / tail area/ butt
Barker: when excited
Flight risk: yes, He can’t find his way back home, so if he ever gets out, don’t trust that he’ll make it back on his own and start looking for him (owners do this more often than you think) I highly suggest investing in a GPS tracking attachment for his collar, it’ll raise you $120, and a yearly service fee, but it’s absolutely worth it since he is a known flight risk, and the longer he’s out, the more likely he is to do harm to other people’s animals.
Food aggressive: no
Current food: Kirkland brand 40lb bag of (dry dog food kibble) chicken, rice, and vegetable formula, made with fresh chicken. Found at Costco wholesale store. Feed 2 ½ cups per day, once in the morning (1.25 cups) and once at night (another 1.25 cups). Do not feed after walks, only water. If he eats after a walk, he’ll want to eat it all in one sitting and then he’ll throw it up, so it’s best to wait 10 minutes if you decide to feed him after a walk.
Walks on leash: will have to jog or run to keep up with him, he needs to have the exercise as frequently as possible. Be aware of how tired he’s getting on walks, if he stops and lays down that’s a good sign that he’s done walking.
Leash reactive to people or dogs: yes to smaller dogs
Rides well in car: unconfirmed
Destructive: does not like sleeping on pillows in kennel (prefers sleeping on the plastic surface). Refuses to sleep on pillows and dog beds, tore them open and prefers sleeping on hard colder surfaces and human beds/couches, Sheds like crazy, digs holes in the backyard to release energy sometimes. Dirty paws when coming in from the outside loves to jump on you and howl to greet you when coming home
Needs a home with a yard: YES, ABSOLUTELY. He can not live in a house without a yard, as he is such high energy and needs the exercise.
Needs a home with another dog: no, the opposite, in fact
Can live in an apartment: ABSOLUTELY NOT, he would drive the other tenants insane with his running and noise

Additional comments: Xabi was in fine form this morning. He was so happy to get out and enjoy the morning. He walked super as usual. His initial burst of energy is quickly subdued once we get moving. Today he had minimal reactions to a dog on the other side of the street and two cats in driveways that we passed. He does best short leashed and to get his attention in those moments so he can work through it as he does want to react initially. He loves to roll in the grass and to get belly rubs and head scratches in the shade of a tree. He really is a sweet goofball and I’m shocked he’s still here.