About Us

Who we are

We are a volunteer based, cross-border, registered charitable organization. We are located in Southern Ontario.

Our Mission

Find out who we are and what we do

Our Mission

We will save the lives of as many dogs as we can regardless of where they are from. If a dog is in need and we can, we will help.

How we do it

We are a foster based rescue and have no shelter. Our dogs are placed with foster families. That means we need volunteers to care for our dogs while we find forever homes for them. Each foster we have is a dog we can save.

We carefully screen both foster and adoption applicants to ensure each dog has the best possible home. Further, we will support each foster and adopter and help them through the transition of bringing a new dog in the house until they are fully settled with their new family.

We are so much more than a dog rescue! We are a community of incredible volunteers with one goal in mind: To help dogs in need find a loving, forever home. We are moms and dads, sisters and daughters, sons and brothers from all walks of life. We have come together with one goal in mind: To help dogs that need it most. Those on death row, those lost, those hungry those broken hearted. We will work and work and work until we find a family for each one of them. We will not stop until each one of our dogs has the one thing they wish for: the safety of a home and the love of a family. We are foster based. This means we do not have a facility, dogs are pulled from shelters and put in to comfortable homes until they are adopted. Each foster volunteer allows us to save one more dog and help him/her find a loving forever home. Since 2015, NDR has saved over 6200 dogs. These dogs are ALIVE today because of we cared and we worked and we cried and we pleaded and we drove and we checked and we advocated and we fought and we begged and, in the end, we made this possible without funding or paid staff. With no shelter or corporate sponsors. With nothing but the will of our amazing volunteers working together to help save the lives of the dogs we can help. We keep our heads down, we focus on what we need to do to help our dogs and we go to work. We have made a difference in the lives of those dogs that are fortunate enough to be ours.

Meet The Team

Foster Team

Our role in the foster group is to arrange loving foster homes for our rescues while they wait for the best possible candidate to adopt them.

We support our foster families with supplies, training (if needed) and continual communication in order for the organization to be as informed as possible regarding every aspect of the foster pup. Once an adopter is chosen, the team helps facilitate between the foster pup and the adopter.

We, on the foster team make every effort to help the foster families provide loving homes for our foster pups.

Training Team

Our training team focuses on assisting adopters with questions from as simple as how to introduce your new rescue dog to your current pet to more complicated behavioral issues. We are regularly building our network of vetted trainers who can assist adopters all over the Niagara Region and beyond for local support. We also provide rehoming services for dogs that are no longer a fit due to a change in home situations.

Kentucky Team

We work with a couple of shelters in Kentucky and have become their lifeline. Our partners in Ky assess the dogs to ensure they are friendly with both people and other dogs and ready to be adopted into a family. 80% of their dogs find homes and families through NDR. Because of the work we do, the rate of euthanasia has been greatly diminished.

Events Team

Our Events team is constantly looking for ways to promote Niagara Dog rescue and provide visibility to our dogs in foster homes or boarding that are already in Canada. We’re always in need of more volunteers so we ensure we have fun events set up for people to be able to see the great work we do.

Adoptions Team

The Adoptions Team is a group of people that works tirelessly to find each dog the best possible home.
Each one of our leads becomes the ‘owner’ of each dog. We get to know them thoroughly as if they were our own.
We process all the applications we receive by interviewing the candidates, check references including their veterinarian, we request a house visit in order to have the information we need to make our decisions:
First, we decide if we can approve the applicant to adopt a dog from NDR.
Then, we assess which dog is the best fit for their family, their home and their lifestyle.
Many times, we have applicants that ask for our help to find the best dog for them. We are always happy to work with them as well.


How do we help dogs?

By sharing information about dogs that are in dire need of help and asking for volunteers to foster or adopt them

We see their confusion. We feel their fear. We hear them crying for help.
Niagara Dog Rescue is totally against animal cruelty. We stand up and advocate for an end to animal abuse, especially in dogs.

We are a registered charitable organization working to better the lives of dogs.

Registration # 800661589 RR0001

Some Numbers

In North America alone, every year people buy 17 million pets. In North America, every year, 3 to 4 million pets are killed in shelters. This is 10,000 every day!

Our goal is to help dogs in need. Our rescue was created to save the lives of dogs that are out of time in high kill shelters. Dogs that have done nothing wrong, yet end up in a pound and are scheduled to die.

Our purpose is to save their lives and find each one of them a family that will love and care for them, a family that will hold them and make them feel safe, valued and worth loving.

We make sure each one of our dogs knows how precious s/he is and how much we care.