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Freedom Ride

This story begins on the streets of Kentucky, with a young and frightened dog struggling to survive.  Alone and unloved, “Kyle” was rescued by NDR in May 2021 and got his Freedom Ride along with 26 other dogs on that transport. We are grateful one of our volunteers, Della Zelanko Cuttler captured the moment on film, which perfectly represents NDR and the work we do.

Another volunteer there that day, Danielle Ranch, had lifted Kyle up, and as she did, the sweet pup shut his eyes and rested his head on Danielle’s shoulder. It had been a long journey, and while he was exhausted, he clearly knew he was safe in the arms of love. 

“They say street dogs always sleep with one eye open,” Della says, of the photo she took. “Kyle must have felt the love and contentment of finally being in a place he can trust. To relax. To feel love.”

Kyle’s new life was about to begin, and his forever family was there waiting for him when he arrived after his Freedom Ride. We have included a few updated photos of Kyle (now Jax) that his loving family have kindly shared with us.

The photo of Danielle and Kyle spoke to our hearts, and showcases why we work tirelessly to rescue dogs. We shared the picture on social media and asked followers and supporters to come up with a caption about how it made them feel, and we received so many wonderful suggestions. However, we had to choose one, and felt that Lawry Sheridan’s caption best matched the emotion in the photo.

“And my soul whispered to this human…is this Love? And hers whispered back…Yes dear heart, this is love.”

Thank you, Lawry Sheridan, for your beautiful words!

Most of you are aware that NDR recently acquired our own transport vehicle, which will be making many trips to the USA, Northern Ontario and Manitoba. Along with our logo, we also wanted to add a touch of art to the truck: a caption, and photo, to represent why we work tirelessly to rescue dogs just like Kyle. Thank you to Tyler Wyld for designing the poster, and to Brett Easton of Detailing Niagara for the decal/design work.  We appreciate your generosity and love for dogs!

One last note: this truck, with Kyle’s photo and Lawry’s caption that will spread the word and help us rescue more dogs, happens to be the same one that transported Kyle on his Freedom Ride back in May. We can’t imagine a better end to the story.

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