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Fox Mulder

Back in April we decided to become a foster family to Fox Mulder (previously named Simba) we failed!! 🤣🤣

We adopted Fox🐾❤️🐾 an Australian Shepard who was turning 7 years old in October … Got free facials the entire trip home!! Fox was left at the same shelter in Tennessee where Chuck was… Fox had a family for 6 years, through no fault of his own he had become unwanted… Not used to being in a shelter it was extremely hard for him. They found him a foster in Tennessee, where he then had 4 other dogs to play with…

Luc had been saying « Chuck needs a friend, he is only 2 years old ». After speaking with our Lead, it was mentioned that we could do fostering with NDR (Niagara Dog Rescue) 😃 … I saw Fox’s picture and thought oh my goodness six years in a home 🥺 what where they thinking to just give him up (better then letting him roam though)… And his journey to Canada started…

We picked him up at Niagara-on-the-Lake at 9h30 am on April 16!! We received free facials the entire trip home 🤣 … We got home a little after 6pm and introduced both dogs to each other, went smoothly, a few little arguments the first 2 weeks because Chuck would want Fox to play with him. Play time would go great until Fox had a toy and wouldn’t give it back or share it with Chuck! Fox would hoard the softer toys underneath him and guard them… so I would have to take them from him and put them away…

Luc said 😔: they wouldn’t be able to ever have toys because Fox would go after Chuck… I said watch me!! By removing the toys each time Fox would go after Chuck, he realized that they could both play with all the toys ( harder on Chuck as he would want to bring Fox's toys to play together. I thought Chuck being a single dog for 4 months would be the one showing jealousy 🤷‍♀️). I started by allowing each one to play with the toys as I took the other one for a walk. Within a month from the time Fox arrived they were playing & sharing!! I had only seen dogs possessive over food/bones, this was completely different, but my patience succeeded!!

Fox is very very loving and he even washes Chuck’s face on a daily basis!!  The first few times, Chuck was like « mommy what is he doing?! ».  I had to hand feed Fox the first 2 weeks as well, as he had bad separation anxiety from all he had gone through, I wanted to make sure he ate… Although he knows he is loved, has a bro, is spoiled sometimes we can see him wondering if his first family will return. Shortly after that look comes his little crying sounds so I just stop what I am doing, go over and sit with him and I just pet him, tell him, he is safe and loved & he stops after a few minutes, puts the crazy smile on and I get a facial! We all tell him « You're home, this is your last stop on your journey!! We love you!! » …

It was 2 months on June 16th since we picked you up and brought you home. You’ve come a long way to realize that you’re home and you have a big goofball as a little brother and Chuck knows you are his little Big Hunter bro!! 😉

Welcome to your Furever Home Mr Fox Mulder!!

« The Truth Is Out There!! » and you found *The Truth*… In your case, you would be loved and spoiled & never have to worry again!!

Mr Fox… We love you just the way you are!!

Lisa Carrier

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