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Happy gotcha day Rhett!

Just over a year ago today, our family's hearts were broken over the loss of our doberman. Our one rescue was lonely, and there was a large emptiness in our home. Even though we had just lost a dog, I immediately started to search for rescues, because I had a gut feeling there was a dog that needed us. Then I came across Rhett, and within minutes of showing my family, we all agreed on him.

Our first few weeks were rough, because we had a scared and nervous dog who had obviously been wrongfully treated at some point. I was quickly able to see the kindness behind the eyes of our boy who was afraid to show his true personality.

Weeks grew into months , and we saw massive strides with Rhett. He started to trust us, he began to show us his goofy side, we learned so much from him, and he became such a happy boy. This past bit Rhett has completely settled in, and has fully shown his trust and love for us.

It is the little things like when he lets us rub his bum for the first time, shook a paw for the first time, or even cuddled with us for the first time, that reminds us how thankful we are, that we were chosen to give Rhett a second chance at life.

Words can’t express how much this boy means to me. One year down, and forever to go! Happy gotcha day Rhett! ❤️❤️

I am just so thankful for NDR and Rhett has truly changed my life.

Rhys Opdam

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