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Incredible four years!

Hello. I just wanted to send an update on a dog we adopted from you four
years ago today. October 21, 2018 changed our lives forever. Molly Mae
came to us from San Antonio, Texas through NDR.

We aren't sure what her life was like up until that point that your
foster home pulled her from the shelter, but based on her fear, I
imagine it wasn't very kind.

I vividly remember pulling into the husky parking lot in Niagara and
seeing all of the dogs with their new people, playing, wagging their
tails, and getting new toys. But we didn't see Molly. We approached a
volunteer and told her who we were there for. Her face kind of dropped
and she asked us to follow her. She told us that Molly is very, very
scared so she is kept separated from the busyness of the other dogs. She
brought us to an SUV and opened the back. Molly was in a crate with a
blanket over top to drown out the outside noise. When they lifted the
blanket she was curled in a ball and shaking. We took her out, and she
immediately dropped to the ground, dead weight, refusing to make eye
contact. She was afraid to be touched. We had to carry her into the
vehicle. she shook the whole way home.

It took us about 1 month to get her to trust her leash. every time we'd
put it on to take her out, she'd drop to the floor.

by month 2, her personality started to come out. she loves her stuffies,
she loves attention, treats (of course), and loves her blankets.

1 whole year of patience, treats, and walking about 20 feet away from
the house before she was brave enough to go for a real walk. Not once
did we give up on her, and not once did she lose faith in us.

it's been 4 years. 4 incredible years and this weirdo (in the best way
possible) is thriving. Molly has moved up north with us and now lives on
20 acres. she loves walks and her favourite is walks (runs is more
accurate) in the bush. She's got a dog sister, cat brother, and two
horse siblings.

she is not a fan of winter still but she has different sweaters and
jackets to help with that. she's got a creek to play in and she still
loves her blankets. I also think that she believes she is a cat, as she
likes to perch on the back of the couches for whatever reason. she is
the best.

I wanted to thank you for giving us the chance to adopt. it's been 4
amazing years with my heart dog. She has changed our lives forever and I
couldn't imagine life without her. the first photo is the day we got her
on the drive home. that was the first time she made eye contact with me.
The other picture is recent and after four years of love. quite the
difference! thanks for everything that your organization does and for
giving these dogs a chance, you're not only saving the dogs, but you're
saving family's lives too with each adoption!

- Alexandra Jefferson & Daniel Proctor




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