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It's A Girl!

It's A Girl!

You get to a point in your life when you realize you're never going to have children of your own, so you do the next best thing, you rescue them!

Blue filled a HUGE hole in our lives when we rescued him over 5 years ago and Tiggy gave me the shop dog I've always wanted, but we were still missing something...a girl.

Our friends at Niagara Dog Rescue knew that we craved a little lady in our lives and kept us in the loop as to available pups. The issue was that they were always relatively large dogs and we needed a smaller pup to join our pack. Blue and Tiggy fit perfectly in the SUV when fully packed up for the farm with no additional room, so it had to be a lap dog if she was going to work...and then we got the tip from a friend.

A gorgeous, mild mannered, quiet, gentle Chihuahua was arriving from Texas and it turned out she was pregnant. We never fully got our hopes up for a pup as we understand the rescue process, but we basically called "dibs" if Momma had a baby girl. We still don't know who (what breed) Dad is.

On November 20th, our Windsor (Winnie) August was born. Her first name comes from Adele's love of anything Royality and her middle name is in honour of Winnie' brother, Gus, the runt of the litter, who unfortunately didn't make it. We were finally approved to adopt Winnie on Adele's Birthday (best gift ever) and with paperwork signed, adoption fee paid and puppy supplies purchased, now we just need to wait for her to be strong enough to come home.

We'e beyond excited and so thankful that we'll be helping to rescue a fuzzy butt that will never know what it's like to be scared for her life, or hungry, or neglected, or locked in a cage for months. This little lady will be so loved.

We have updated pics, but thought we'd make those of you interested in her go through the aggravation of waiting like we've had to. At least you'll only have to wait maybe 2's been a long 6 weeks for us already.

From Winnie’s adopters: Adam and Adele Burton

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