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Jimmy - The red dog

Jimmy has been an awesome pup to add to our family. We’re delighted to say he’s now 50 lbs!!!  People comment on his height - he’s almost as tall as our 7 year old female boxer, Roxy, who acts like a patient nanny to his silly antics. 

Len takes the dogs for at least one walk a day. When they get to the end of our court, Len phones for me to greet them as they run home. Just recently, Jimmy has taken the lead, and yesterday he leaped over the boxwood hedge twice. He now is able to jump in and out of our van or truck and looks out the window. (we used to have to help him in, and he would lie flat on the floor). So we are thrilled to see him able to enjoy life like other dogs. 

Since we usually drive our grandkids to and from school, the dogs ride along, and they enjoy the ham from an egg McMuffin!  

Jimmy Boots is extremely active and playful till he’s tired. Then he literally drops and sleeps. He likes to sleep directly beside Roxy instead of using his own bed. 

Jimmy’s coat is very glossy. Len calls him Red Dog. His tongue is very long, which the grandkids think is very funny. He can eat his pup cup at Dairy Queen, then helps Roxy finish hers because her tongue can’t reach the bottom. 

Near the end of July we enjoyed a visit with Hope’s owners in our backyard. I’m sure the dogs recognized each other. They ran round and round the yard. Julie, his foster mom from St Catherine’s, came to see them. Julie and Jimmy snuggled and the affection between them almost brought tears to my eyes. Hope is a lovely dog who I think was so loyal to Jimmy and protected him in his early life, so we felt much gratitude for her. 

Jimmy’s hind end is weaker than it should be. Occasionally he’ll fall and roll but he gets right up and goes on with his running after Roxy or wrestling with her. His favourite trick is removing her collar. They play ‘hide and seek’ in the trees and literally watch for the other dog to poke a head out before the chase begins. 

Jimmy is very gentle and affectionate. He trusts everyone he meets. What’s best of all is everyone loves him. Even our 2 rag doll cats are getting used to him and walk closer to him. Today one sniffed him as he rested. 

So I cannot imagine how our Jimmy Boots could be happier or what we could do to add to his life. We are extremely grateful to NDR for the immense work that went into his rehab. And the dedication his two foster moms gave him.  We are immensely sad about his early history and give him lots of hugs. I hope he has no bad memories. 

Thank you NDR for making these sad cases have happy endings.

Jimmy with his fav toy

Jimmy and Roxy

Jimmy and Hope

Jimmy and Hope bonding

Jimmy and Hope outdoors

Jimmy and Hope enjoying treats

Jimmy and Hope basking in the sun

Jimmy and Hope spending quality time

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