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Lovin' Life

Written by Kenzie Scott:

My name is Luna (formerly Tinkerbell) and I just love my new life here in Canada! It’s been 7 months of living my new life. Wow, time flies when you’re having fun!

I love my mum and dad. My mum works from home so I get to play with her and follow her around the house. I am good at telling time so I patiently wait by the window for my dad to get home. I like to remind my parents when it’s time for my dinner! (they don’t forget.. but I mean.. just in case😅). They feed me fresh, raw meals with lots of yummies like celery, cucumber, quail eggs, goat’s milk, strawberries, mango, sardines. I really like to take my “emotional support celery” around the house with me.. before I get nibbles.

I spend lots of time in the garden, chasing my own tail or hanging out at my grandma and grandpa’s house with their German shepherd, Max.

Here I am here!! Ta ta for now!


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