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Manitoba Trip

We did it! 60 dogs saved!

We are celebrating our extremely successful rescue mission to Manitoba while contending with Covid restrictions and wild fire threats.  Our amazing team of volunteers set out on the arduous drive to Manitoba with the intention of rescuing approximately 40 dogs.  Well, we did better than that! 60 dogs were rescued and brought back to Ontario where they will be welcomed into their new loving families. 

This was a road trip unlike any other we’ve undertaken…a road trip for the sole purpose of rescuing some of the many homeless, abandoned and unwanted dogs.  Our intrepid team of volunteers drove to Winnipeg where they met up with volunteers from MAA (Manitoba Animal Alliance).  Normally we would then drive up to the Northern communities but because of risk of wildfire, MAA had already retrieved the dogs from the Northern Communities as the threat called for a swift evacuation.

Dogs in the Northern communities of Manitoba lead a perilous life…there are no dog park visits or embroidered winter coats for these dogs. Many are abandoned, many are neglected and many more are pregnant moms and moms with puppies. Many dogs freeze to death over the winter. The average life span for these dogs is a mere 1.7 years.  

These are communities with challenges that we can scarcely imagine.  There are huge distances between community veterinarians and the average cost of a small bag of dog food in some communities is $90.00.  Niagara Dog Rescue works in harmony with the communities we help.  As well as rescuing as many strays as we can, we will also take any owner surrendered dogs. The residents of the communities are heavily involved and no dog is ever taken without consent. 

Thank you to our amazing volunteers who made this journey to rescue these sweet, beautiful dogs. 

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