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Me and my girl together

This is my adoption story submission for Indie (previously Soonduk):

Soonduk was found caught in a trap in the mountains of South Korea starving with her 6 pups trying desperately to survive. Thankfully she was taken into a shelter in Korea which was affiliated with Niagara Dog Rescue. After all of her puppies were adopted, Soonduk was nursed back to health and it was her turn to find a forever home.

I got into contact with NDR and Soonduk was the first dog suggested to me. It was Christmas Eve of 2019 when I first saw her story and I decided the very next day that this sweet soul had to become part of my life. Best Christmas present ever! Soon after she was on a flight and arrived to Toronto on January 15 2020.

I decided to rename Soonduk (meaning ‘gentle girl’ in Korean) to “Indie”. It took her about 4 days to come out of her crate. But with some patience and coaxing, she finally ventured out. It has been a long road learning together. Indie, being extremely timid, was able to slowly start overcoming fears of men, loud noises, and other dogs. I am so proud to say that my sweet Indie girl has progressed leaps and bounds from the first day she came into my life. She is silly and playful and gets along wonderfully with our new puppy Jones. She is definitely living her best life and continues to make all of my days brighter.

Indie is one of the biggest blessings in my life and I cannot thank NDR enough for matching me up with my very best friend. Thank you for all you do and thank you for bringing me and my girl together where she is so loved and will continue to be for the rest of her days…

Indie in crateShy indieIndie adjustingIndie is comfortableIndie enjoying the sun

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