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Miss you

🐾❤️Buddy❤️🐾💐  (Cornelius)

We all wish things would have been different, that our time together would have lasted years….That today I would be saying “it’s our 1 year gotcha day” but you had to leave last November at the age of 10 years young!! We only had 5 months together, but they were beautiful, funny and definitely loving!! You immediately fit right in, settling down the very first day, we all just looked at you and thought “you’ve always been here” 

Your journey started in Texas when a rescuer saw your face pressed against the window and she saved you along side of Niagara Dog Rescue.  Without all of you we wouldn’t have met the most wonderful little soul on 4 🐾🐾

On our side, little did we know that my being in the hospital in March 2022 would change my/our world forever… Diagnosed with Leukoaraiosis among other things and I was completely lost… My family doctor suggested I get a dog as he says it’s the best Zoo Therapy… So I started looking at different rescues to adopt…. I mentioned my doctors comment to no one, I just started my personal journey in March to find my little 4 legged friend…

I finally came upon NDR and at first looking for an older dog, I came across a female one first, her foster family ended up being a “foster fail” now I totally can understand how someone can fall so in love with their foster fur babies so I returned on their site and that’s when your eyes just took my heart!! By this time my family was aware of me searching for you… Although I truly believe it was the other way around…. 

We then found out that you had already been adopted previously and returned to a foster, through no fault of your own… Things happen for a reason and you coming home with us was beyond perfect in every single way!! Teresa, your foster asked if we wanted to take you for a walk, we did and when we passed by our car you immediately stopped by the back door, sat down waiting for us to open it , we continued our walk and you did the exact same thing on the way back!! 

We miss you so much & we have your picture in the middle of our living room to see you each and every day… Every person that was lucky to have met you all say the same thing “You were magical, the best, the one that was able to change people and bring out the best of them… all that and so much more!!” 

I miss our breakfast and lunches together as you would eat like me, without spices, I couldn’t eat any fruit/vegetable without sharing my apple, bananas etc & your favourite snacks were strawberries, blueberries, my baked sweet potatoes & mini cucumbers lol!! you would take those before any dog cookies ☺️ 

I can write a novel on you!!  Since your passing you have sent us 2 fur babies that needed a home, I will get to tell their journey another day!! I was just happy that people reminded me/us that getting another fur baby will never replace you and that others need help and every one is completely different and special in their own way… 


Mommy loves you & I miss you!! 

I know you hear us talking about you!! 

Until we meet again, have fun running through the fields playing with others over the rainbow bridge!! …Try not to bust too many soccer balls! 😉

Lisa Carrier

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