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NDR's very first

From Skye’s adopters Roci and Kevin

2015: Kentucky

Alone and cold, scared and confused.

Quivering in the corner of her kennel, her heart beating fast at the sound of anyone approaching.

Skye could only close her eyes hoping it would soon be over, whatever this was.  Staff at the shelter were heartbroken to see her and tried to reassure her they would find her a home but Skye was scared to even go out of her kennel to have some photos taken.


Like many others, a picture of a dog came across our screen.

This one was different though…

It was not what it said, or her colour, age or breed that resonated with us. It was the look in her eyes that spoke directly to our hearts.

This dog needed us and we needed to help her.

Many things had to fall in place, the first one, convincing my husband that we did in fact, NEED a 3rd dog.  That we HAD to save her. That she NEEDED us.

A week later, Skye was in a foster home hiding under chairs and benches.

She was vetted and plans were hatched to bring her home.

Skye was fortunate, very fortunate.  She was in the arms of the volunteers that transported her.  They too sensed her fear and held her in their arms all through the journey. She would not let go of them.

They all remember that little girl, clinging on to them and not letting go.

Having 2 dogs at home made her feel comfortable and safe.

It took her at least a couple of years to trust that visitors were not a threat. She realized she did not have to go and hide in her crate when someone arrived in our house and that this was HER home, forever.

Little by little, baby steps and a deep understanding that this girl needed to feel safe and cared for.  We provided what she needed: structure, patience, love and we let her guide us, at her pace. 

Skye has been with us for 6 years now. She is not afraid of visitors anymore. She knows she has a family that will love and care for her no matter what.

She still needs to be carried by one of us when something stresses her, like thunder, but we do that with all our heart.

Skye is family and she is also the first of over 7,000 dogs that have come after her.

So many dogs have embarked on a journey from all corners of the world into loving arms.  Their families are all different, some live in the city, some in the country, some families are large, some are single parents, some have made the news, some live quiet lives.  

As different as their lives are, their journeys all started in the same way:

A cry for help for a dog in need.

Skye posing

Skye feeling safe

Skye shielded from thunder

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