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Our Sweet Potato!

What Katey's adoptors, Bob Fosters say: Our Sweet Potato!

Beautiful Katey is 8 and from Tennessee.

We don’t know much of her backstory; she definitely had puppies very recently before we got her. And she reacts with fear to swearing, raised voices, or anything that looks like you could hit her with it.

Katey is a living example of serendipity… how the very worst moment here somehow changes the life trajectory of a dog nobody has ever heard of nearly a thousand kilometres away.

In 2016, we lost our dog to an unexpected tragedy. Katey was already three years old when Cheema passed and I swore no more dogs!

My wife knew better… she let me grieve for a year but that’s all! We started looking…

We met a young shepherd at Ugly Mutts who was joyful but too much for Kath who was new with dogs.

Back to Google, we searched the breed and qualities we were hoping to find. A sheepish looking lab-cross at some rescue we never heard of called Niagara Dog Rescue popped up…

Oddly, we committed to adopting Katey, did the app and paid the fees before we met her. That’s not our personalities but we didn’t flinch or question it.

Her foster brought her to us and was so amazing, she made us want to be fosters too! Serendipity… meeting Robyn.

Her first night, Katey howled and sobbed.

Her puppies? The strange place/people? Did she miss someone else? I’d never heard a dog sob before, I came downstairs and just sat with her… on the floor… through the night.

She settled in but always seemed uninterested, depressed even. After 6 months, she met my sisters two Great Danes and WOW!! Came out of her shell like a new puppy! Playing, barking, tumbling… we knew in an instant, she needed another dog. Serendipity… enter, Luther.

It’s been 5 years now. Katey is the cuddliest creature I’ve ever known! Not much security for the house… but warmer than any blanket on a winter night . She’s absolutely limitless in her love and forgiveness. Despite her past, she’s never shy to meet new people… and loves them all!

It’s true that the right dog finds us just when we need them most. Thank you Katey, thank you Kathy for knowing better than me… and thank you NDR!!

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