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Road trip

I would Like the share a little story about our "new" dog, Ranger. Our first day with him was July 10, 2022. He came home and moved right in. Never looked back! Fast forward to Feb 8, 2023, my husband and I decided to take a quick trip to Florida to see friends we hadn't seen since we left during covid. Of course Ranger came with us! In and out of motel rooms and long drives in the truck, I'm sure he wondered what was happening. But he was the best boy we could ever have wished for!
But here's the best part - the minute we were back at our house, he was dancing, happy, crying and generally thrilled! He was back "home" where he felt love, familiarity and security. And I was near tears watching this. Sharing a picture of Ranger in the truck in North Carolina on the way to Florida.
"Are we there yet?"

~ Barb Corbett~

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