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Rosie learns to trust

I adopted Rosie (formally known as Trixie) about a year ago after my retired work dog passed away. It was love at first sight but we definitely had our ups and down. 

Rosie was used as a bait dog and the people who had her cut her ears off with scissors. She ended up at a high kill shelter and was 10 days away from being put down. It was clear she had puppies in the past. She was thankfully picked up by a animal rescue and then ended up with NDR. When she arrived home with us she settled in so fast she was great, however after about 3/4 months her anxiety started to get worse. She began getting into stuff and chewing. Over night it went to the next level. I arrived home to find my drywall destroyed, window chewed and open, and the screen was ripped. Rosie was gone. After driving around everywhere, MULTIPLE people helping, posts being posted, phone calls being made, and lots of crying, Rosie was found. She was picked up by the city and they were refusing to give her back claiming she was a pit bull (#endbsl). Well after 8 hours of stress it was determined that she was NOT a pit bull and she was returned. 

I have a lot of experience with dogs but this was probably the worst case of anxiety I’ve had to work with. I had so much anxiety going to work worried she would get out again that I bought cameras for inside the house so I could constantly watch her. She could get out of her crate (literally 12 dead bolt locks and she still could get out) and was so scared to be left alone she would start shaking anytime she knew I was leaving. 

I spoke to multiple trainers who weren’t giving me any new advice I didn’t already have. At this point I’m going to be honest I had doubts about whether or not I made the right decision to adopt. 

I did A LOT of research, watched A LOT of videos and put A LOT of time to working on her anxiety. I even hired a dog walker for when I was at work. After a few stressful months (yes it took months) and a lot of time I can happily say Rosie no longer has anything close to the anxiety she use to have. She can officially be left alone free roam of the house and NOTHING is destroyed. 

No one ever wants to talk about the struggle that goes into adopting a dog but it’s not always easy. The amount of trauma these dogs suffer will show when they are finally safe. But the beauty of how they forgive and learn to trust again absolutely shines through when you give them a choice. People tried to make her bad, the city tried to say she was dangerous because of her look, but this dogs makes a mark on everyone who meets her. She is loved by everyone who crosses paths with her. She comes camping with us, hiking, and attends all the family events. We even get in trouble if we arrive without Rosie. 

Adopting a dog isn’t always easy... but I wouldn’t go back on my decision to adopt. She is worth everything to me. 

Rosie learns to trust againRosie and Amanda bonding

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