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Roy loves company

7 years ago, we adopted Roy (formerly Royce) from Kentucky. We knew nothing about him, other than he was big (140lbs at the time). Like all of these rescues, his story broke my heart and I just knew he belonged here with us. I remember that day like it was yesterday…anxiously waiting for the call that he had arrived at the border and the lovely volunteer was bringing him home!!! I remember opening the front door, and this pony size dog, with his great big Newfie head, was standing there!! We had another dog then, a beautiful Golden named Clyde. We decided to adopt a rescue as companionship for Clyde. From day 1, Roy and Clyde were brothers. The bond between them was amazing. Three years ago Clyde passed away, and I never knew depression in dogs existed like I saw in Roy. I knew although we could never replace Clyde, Roy needed a friend. Enter Scrappy (formerly Pumpkin). A scared, timid little creature who needed confidence. Like with Roy, I knew she belonged with us!! It wasn’t love at first sight by any means. He was grieving and we knew this would take patience and time. After 3 weeks, Roy stepped up to bat as big brother and protector of his timid little sister. Roy has been such a blessing to our family. I can’t thank all the amazing volunteers enough for what they do. Without you, Roy wouldn’t have made it to his first birthday, never mind his 7 year Gotcha Day❤️!

From Magda Kemeny

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